July 22, 2016

The 3-Step “Holy Crap, How did that Happen?” Wrap. {Vegan Recipe}

holy crap wrap

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately.

You know the kind—eating cookies till your tummy hurts, too many carbs, a glass (or two) of wine every night, no exercise for days (okay, weeks) and very little self-care but plenty of Netflix.

I’m sad to say it’s lasted more than a few weeks. I’ve been dealing with several challenges lately and a demanding work schedule that has left me depleted. And the first thing to go when we deplete ourselves seems to be self-care, even though that may very well be the only way up and out of the doldrums.

I have finally started taking walks again. Even when I don’t feel like I want to. It’s a small thing, maybe, but it makes me feel loads better about everything. Tonight, I got off my lazy duff and after my walk I planted my garden, working the ground up by hand. There’s nothing like a little sweat equity to get your energy flowing brilliantly again.

This sudden surge of energy inspired me to cook dinner for myself. I live alone, so it’s been pizzas and things from the freezer for far too long, only fueling my fatigue. It’s so true that we are what we eat.

I looked in my bachelor-like empty fridge, sighed and thought to myself, “Hmm…what can I eat with hummus to avoid eating it out of the container with a spoon…again?”

Using simple ingredients I always have on hand but never thought to throw together until now, I made a wrap. When I was done prepping—a whole five minutes later—I looked at the pretty results and hesitated. Uh, it looked good, but what in the world was this thing going to taste like? I mean, it’s basically a salad, on a tortilla, with hummus. At least it’s healthy. Can’t be too bad, right?

I tentatively took my first bite, almost choked on my own surprise at just how tasty it was, and then I fell in love a little bit. Here’s how to make your own:

(Caution: This thing is so simple, easy and good, you may choke on your own surprise, too.)

The “Holy Crap, How Did That Happen” Wrap

(Prep time: 5 Minutes)

1 whole wheat soft tortilla
About 2 tbsp. hummus (I like the spicy kind)
Handful of mixed baby salad greens
1 green onion, chopped (I include both the white and green parts)
4 cherry tomatoes, halved (I love the yellow sunbursts)
About 1 tbsp. of dried cranberries
Sprinkling of pecan pieces or halves, optional
Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Spread hummus evenly on tortilla.
2. Add greens, onion, tomatoes, and cranberries (and pecans if using); spread evenly.
3. Add salt and pepper, if you like, and roll/wrap/fold it like a taco. Whatever you need to do to get it to your mouth. Enjoy!


Author: Kristen Bagwill

Image: Author’s Own

Editors: Emily Bartran; Catherine Monkman

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