August 20, 2016

An Orgasm in a Cup. {Recipe}

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The best part of any morning for me, ever since I can remember, is the smell of fresh coffee brewing throughout the house.

It’s the delicious aroma, lingering from room to room with a hint of zest, that permeates my sense of smell—from my nose hairs to the back of my throat—and wakes me up.

Throughout my adult life, I have learned to perfect this morning ritual. It all starts with the selection of the bean. There are plenty to select from—anything from Columbian, South African, Ethiopian. Here in Canada, we even have our very own brand of coffee, but my favorite choice is the Costa Rican coffee bean (think of sultry mistress meets the gaze of a Spaniard), it has a smoky flavor with soft sweet curves, that when done right, leaves your pallet wanting more.

Once the selection is made, then comes the brewing, and for me, this is a work of science. I begin by grinding my beans by hand using a manual grinder. I know it’s a lot of work, but the anticipation is so exciting that I don’t really notice that I am burning calories all at the same time.

The bean is transformed to sand-like quality, each grain perfectly shaped like stardust. If I were to blow on it, the particles would dissipate all over the counter. I place three tablespoons into my ultra-fine permanent stainless steel filter. (Very Important—do not skip this step, or you’ll ruin a perfectly excellent coffee cup!) Then I add one tablespoon of cold water, and mix thoroughly till it becomes muddy. This makes the coffee grounds plump up and slows the dripping process.

For an added trick, I take a 1/8 teaspoon of salt (I prefer Himalayan pink salt) and sprinkle it on top. Now I am all set. I put the stainless steel filter into the heat-resistant glass server before the hot water is poured covering every grain, soaking up all the flavor. This process takes about one to two minutes to cover each grain; I don’t want to pour the water too quickly, gentle and steady flow is the key. Once the water tops to the brim, the Grosche drip is left to brew, as I warm up some cream, before frothing it up with a hand blender.

Then I place my favorite mug into the microwave and heat it up, because this keeps my cup of joe warm longer—and it’s like a getting a morning hug in a cup.

Once the coffee is brewed, I pour it into the warmed cup and watch as I drip in the cream. I watch as the black water becomes transformed, and the sweet cream rises to the top.

Now for the best part: I place a “goute café” (round silver spoon) I inherited from my grandmother into my cup and stir, usually thinking of how happy I am that I am about to enjoy this delicious creamy bean goodness.

I remove the spoon and taste the reminance from the spoon by touching it to my lips. The labor of love that just went into making this mornings coffee hits me as I take the first real sip of coffee from my mug, and enjoy the orgasm in the cup.

Tools required for the orgasm in a cup:

  • 3 Tbsp. of beans per cup (Arabica, Ethiopian, African, Costa Rican)
  • Manual Grinder (or electric—if using electric grinder, use on low setting till you get the sand like consistency)
  • Groshe Drip Coffee maker (or any Stainless Steel Fine Filter and a mug to place it under)
  • 1 Tbsp. of cold water (very Important) to place into coffee and stir till muddy
  • 1/8 salt (Himalayan) sprinkled on top
  • 350-400ml hot water
  • 10 percent Half-and-Half cream warmed up for 30 seconds in the microwave, until lukewarm (optional: can also
  • substitute for milk)
  • Favorite mug: warmed up.
  • Spoon to stir and enjoy.

Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, to be cherished—so take your time. Just take a sip, and let the rich, dark, fragrant coffee sweep you away.

“Coffee should be dark as hell, strong as death and sweet as love” ~ Turkish Proverb


Author: Aga Wyrzykowska 

Image: Flickr/Sam

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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