August 14, 2016

Tapping Meditation Technique to Ignite your Inner Goddess.

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Who is She?

She is wild, untamed and unpredictable.

She is your divine, feminine wisdom. Your emotional body. Your intuitive guidance and creative intelligence.

She is your inner Moon.

She rules receptivity and she will determine your feelings of nourishment in life.

Know her and know your divinity. Understand her wisdom and become the magic of life.

But how do we know if we’re truly in touch with our Divine Feminine self?

The truth is, most humans are in some state of conflict with various parts of themselves, especially their inner feminine wisdom.

Here are some signs we might be in conflict with her:

>> Confusion about choices, answers or solutions.

>> Being in a state of chaos or overwhelm.

>> Over-stimulation or over-activity causing heightened stress in the four bodies.

>> Excess emotion, extreme emotional sensitivity.

>> Living in black and white with no space for the unknown.

>> Taking in too much and being overly receptive, resulting in depletion of one or more of our bodies.

>> Challenges and obstacles with all things Venus and Moon (money, food, comforts, relationships, creativity, flow, emotions, health, vitality, female organs).

>> Lack of ideas, creative activation, not feeling excited or passionate about life.

>> Little to no intuitive awareness or wisdom.

>> Problems with our mother, female figures or female relationships.

>> Resistance to pleasure, joy, abundance, flow, creative intelligence.

One or more of these signs mean we are likely in conflict with our inner feminine wisdom on some level.

Often, these vows are taken at a very young age. Later on in life, the suppression of our divine feminine wisdom will result in systemic issues on some level of our being.

This is not unusual since the Western-centric culture is predominantly rooted in the masculine energy of product instead of process, external focus rather than internal focus.

The feminine is more responsive, receptive and therefore in tune with process, flow and surrender.

In truth, we need balance between both the masculine and feminine energy within, but so often there is a conflict keeping us from experiencing this inner harmony.

When the issues with our feminine wisdom come to the surface of our awareness, when they become conscious, they can be identified and confronted. This usually arrives as some challenge, obstacle or conflict within—or with another person.

Goddess Integration Tapping Meditation

To support our inner growth and integration process, I’ve created a tapping meditation. This particular process will support the harmonizing of masculine and feminine energies within. Use it as a resource for stepping into a healing and transformative process.

In the podcast below, I share a tapping (EFT) sequence with you that will guide you through transforming and releasing the old stories and invite in more receptivity. Remember, we start with identifying the challenges, then moving into possibility and desires in order to transform our shadow into light.

Use this podcast as you tap through these points:

Karate chop point (side of the hand).
Crown of the head.
Eyebrow point (above the eye).
Side of the eye.
Under the eye.
Under the nose.
Chin point (crease of the chin).
Throat point (collar bone/throat chakra).
Heart point (center of chest).
Stomach point (above the navel).
Side body (nipple line at side of chest).

Tap six to ten times on each point and just keep cycling through the points. Repeat the phrases I use aloud. Notice any thoughts, stories, memories or emotions that emerge as you tap. These are important pieces to return to, do more tapping on, as a way to clear blockages. As always, if the words I use don’t work for you, change them to support your process more fully.

Share your experiences below! What emerged for you in this process? Excited to hear from you!


*One of my favorite things to do is hike in the woods. Often I tap and walk. This is a recording I made on one such hike. It was windy and snowy, so you’ll here the elements along the way!

Author: Saraswati J.

Image: Janice Marie Foote/Flickr

Editor: Emily Bartran

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