September 1, 2016

The New Moon in September brings us 12 Fantastic Opportunities!

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We have a New Moon occurring on September 1, 2016 (5:03 a.m. ET). Depending on which House in your birth chart it falls, the new Moon brings us 12 new areas of opportunity where we can bring joy and success to our lives!

We prepare for the New Moon in September by making sure we are clear about our intentions, because when the New Moon comes upon us, it is a special time when new beginnings can occur. We are ready to plant new seeds and start something that has the potential to grow and fulfill us.

Keep in mind, each New Moon falls in a different sign of the Zodiac. This New Moon is in the sign of Virgo.

This is a time to avoid wasting our mental energies worrying about the things we can’t change. Also, avoid the tendency to be overcritical with ourselves or others.

Instead, this is the perfect time to accept our imperfections. Instead of worrying, we need to analyze how our problem solving skills can lead us to solutions. If we can discipline our mind, we will be inspired to reach our goals. This New Moon is an ideal time to heal ourselves in whatever area that requires attention.

As the New Moon in Virgo begins on September 1, it will fall into one of the 12 Houses in our respective birth charts. (Note: In astrology, a “house” refers to an area of our lives). If you want to find out which House the Moon in Virgo falls into in your birth chart, use the Free Transit Calculator (at the end of this article).

Once you know which House the moon falls into just look at the description (below) showing all 12 Houses. You will see what that House signifies and some of the opportunities you can explore.

For example, when I use the Free Transit Calculator, I see that Virgo rules my 12th House. So, I look below for the description of the 12th house to see what it means, and to read about some of the opportunities I might consider with this new Moon. (Note:

Directions using the Free Transit Calculator

  1. After you input your birth information, you will see a “calculation.”
  2. Then, scroll all the way down the page where you will see big heading that says: Additional Information You Might Be Interested in Knowing:
  3. Under that heading you’ll see houses 1-12. You already know that the New Moon is in the sign of Virgo.
  4. Notice, which house in your birth chart is ruled by Virgo. That is where the Moon falls. Then, look below at the house description to learn the area of your life where you can make a new beginning.

The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

First House of Personality and Appearance

Possible New Beginning: The New Moon provides us the opportunity to be less critical of ourselves and our physical imperfections.


Second House of Money & Values 

 Possible New Beginning: If we our over-focused on working hard to make money, we can strive for a new balance in our lives that allows us both prosperity and time to enjoy other activities besides our work.


Third House of Communication and Intellect

Possible New Beginning: We can find ways to improve our communications and stimulate our minds so that our life is more interesting.


Fourth House of Family and Home

Possible New Beginning: We can find great emotional comfort being in our home or even completing a home improvement project.


Fifth House of Romance and Creativity

Possible New Beginning: In our romantic lives, we can be more accepting and less critical of the imperfections of others. We can find enjoyment in taking a crafts class.


Sixth House of Health and Work 

Possible New Beginning:  We can improve our health through a change in our diet or a new exercise regimen. This a time when we can find great emotional satisfaction by committing to a new work project.


Seventh House of Relationships (Marriage and Partnerships). 

Possible New Beginning: We can make a commitment to ourselves to be less critical of the people we have close relationships. We can find new ways of communicating with our loved ones in a positive and empowering manner.


Eighth House of Sex and Transformation

Possible New Beginning: We can transform ourselves by eliminating inappropriate ways of behaving to others. This may be the perfect time to do personal development work to help us make our own discoveries. We can discover new ways to be creative when we have sex.


Ninth House of Travel and Education

Possible New Beginning: We may find a new way to educate ourselves so that we grow mentally or spiritually. This is a time organize our next vacation to somewhere far away.


Tenth House of Career and Status

Possible New Beginning: We may decide to work hard to build a new career or to establish our own business. This is an excellent time to find practical ways to serve our community.


Eleventh House of Friendship, Hopes and Dreams.

Possible New Beginning: We may enjoy finding a project that we can do with our friends. This a good time to create a practical plan that will allow us to do reach an important goal.


Twelfth House of Psychology and Secrets 

Possible New Beginning: We feel genuine compassion for others during the New Moon makes. We now have the opportunity to heal others by serving them through some type of service work. This is a wonderful time to begin volunteer work.


The New Moon does not make us do anything. It is not a “magical” time. We are the ones who must decide to make a new beginning in any area of our lives we choose. If we do, then we sow and reap the rewards we deserve for our efforts. But just as we know that farmers plant seeds on the New Moon in the spring because it is a fertile time, this New Moon in September is a fertile time for us to plant our own new beginnings so they can grow into the fulfillment of our dreams.

If you want to find out the House that the Moon is in—in your Horoscope; or more about how the planets may be bringing changes to your life, go to the Free Transit Calculator and enter your birth date.


Author: Larry Schwimmer

Images: Pixoto/Samuel Zalanyi

Editor: Erin Lawson

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