August 12, 2016

Why are you Crying?

Raising boys to be strong emotionally-aware Men for our future is a big feat.

We’re coming into a new time of finding a more centered self. Watching this video of young men being helped by their elders to grow up and become strong emotionally-aware beings charges me up, gives me hope and makes me want to give thanks to these men and the men of our world for stepping up and helping to build our world’s next generation.

The larger video gives a more in-depth look at the strategies being taught our boys and men—to dig deep, face your fears, have “mental fortitude,” feel.  Seeing the deeper intent is definitely good to witness granted everything said is within a 5 minute time slot.

All in all I believe the message being taught overall is more positive than not and that each of us can use it as a reminder—be strong, yet know that it is not weak to feel, have and move through emotion.




Dear Men: This is How we Start a Revolution.


Image: Video Screen shot

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