September 11, 2016

9/11 is not a day of Hate.

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9/11 has become, for many Americans, a day of nationalism.

A day of us vs. them, a date of bigotry and anger. But that is not what it was. It was a day of hurt, not hate. A day of immense sadness, bewilderment—a day when we saw the terrible effect of poverty, inequality, fundamentalism and extremism to give birth to death, to aggression on innocents.

We are not terrorists. Let us not allow our hate to excuse our killing other innocents—for it is in the killing of innocents that we become what we hated.

We all want Peace on Earth—we can begin in our daily lives. Let us find strength in kindness, gentleness in our honesty, and work together—the world entire—for the kind of planet we would wish our children to grow up in.


“You don’t remember 9/11 with a t-shirt or a bumper sticker. You remember it like this.”

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