September 27, 2016

Aaron Perry’s kickstarter preview: 5 earthy & actually-fun things to make us actually-smarter & happier.

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*Support Aaron Perry’s kickstarter. Aaron is an old buddy of Waylon’s and he’s doing super cool work to make the planet a better place. Please check out his project.


Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Today Waylon sat down with Aaron Perry, author of the soon-to-be-released book Y on Earth: Get Smarter, Feel Better and Heal the Planet, to talk about mindful, environmentally-friendly life hacks to benefit our lives.

Check out a few of Aaron’s tips below, and then get the book, which has 33 chapters worth of life hacks and personal stories to help us connect deeply with our planet and ourselves.

Five Earthy Life Hacks to make us Happier:

1. Connect with the soil—even for five minutes a day. Start a garden and grow your own vegetables.

2. Get outside and take a walk.

3. Step away from technology—especially before bedtime.

4. Prepare a meal with family and friends.

5. Get your probiotics. Try fermenting your vegetables.  


“Dirt don’t hurt. In fact, it’s really good for us.” ~ Aaron Perry

“Soil is sexy.” ~ Aaron Perry

Bonus video: 


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