September 3, 2016

Amy Schumer gets Heckled in Stockholm & Owns it. {Hilarious Video}

Amy Schumer

True to form, Amy Schumer shut down a heckler who had the audacity to shout out “Show us your tits” at her recent performance in Stockholm.

I have to question his intelligence.

Whether it’s misogyny or body-shaming, Schumer is well known for her zero tolerance of being-a-jerk tendencies and shuts down trolls mercilessly. So to think that she would let him away with that sh*t is…questionable, to say the least.

Maybe it was a dare, or attention-seeking, but—to my mind—it speaks volumes around his respect for women (whether he’s consciously aware of that, or not).

I hope he learned a valuable lesson from the exchange, although my skeptism remains high on that point. But regardless of what the heckler took from it, Schumer fearlessly models to us the need to stand up for ourselves when another person disrespects us.

Without skipping a beat she instantly responded to the guy, making him squirm by putting the spotlight on him. And when she discovered what was written on his t-shirt, he didn’t stand a chance.

Best of all, the unscripted demo in how to respond to a jerk was—also true to form—entertaining and funny.

“I’ll show my tits when I want to.” ~ Amy Schumer

Too right, Amy. So will I.


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