September 18, 2016

Bernie Sanders has a reminder for Protest Voters: it’s not about her, or him—it’s about Us, and our Country.

Stop voting personalities. Start voting issues. Then, mobilize the day after Hillary wins. If you care about climate change, health care, equal rights…let’s avoid four years of Trump at all costs.

“Look, I was a third-party candidate. I began my career running as a third party, getting 2 percent and then 1 percent. I’m the longest serving independent in the history of the U.S. Congress, but I think that before you cast a protest vote, because [Hillary] Clinton or Trump will be president, think hard about it. This is not a governor’s race. It’s not a state legislative race. This is the presidency of the United States.”

Also, this logic doesn’t work: “My vote doesn’t matter because I don’t live in a swing state. Then they wonder why there is gridlock at the state level and Congress because Republicans show up to vote.”

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