September 8, 2016

Energy Forecast for a Life-Changing September 2016—Beginnings & Endings.

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September is an intense month energy-wise, with a solar eclipse on September 1st and a lunar eclipse on September 16th.

In the midst of this cosmic activity is the 9-9-9 energy we will be receiving on the 9th of September, and to add to the mix we are also in a Mercury retrograde season. So buckle up, we are in for an unforgettable wild, exhilarating ride over the next few weeks.

When we are attuned to universal energy we may feel pushed and pulled depending on the strength of the incoming waves. During particularly high, intensive energy phases we will likely notice internal sensations and one of the most noticeable is what feels like a flame burning inside us. This is known as our kundalini energy, which is a positive essential, healing, divine life-force energy that is stored at the base of the spine. When we sense kundalini energy moving within us it is a sign that we are awakening to the truth of who we are, seeing our situations with clarity, removing illusions and overall we will be feeling alert, light, radiant and fully alive.

If we experience kundalini energy rising up through our spine and we aren’t aware that this is what is happening, anxiety can creep in and block the flow and benefits of the energy. Therefore, it is important over these next few weeks to try not to be afraid of the strength of kundalini energy as channeling it can help us to let go of egotistical desires, remove emotional blockages, resolve old issues, clear karma and ultimately assist with our personal evolution.

As we head into this new month, many of those who are sensitive to energy will be feeling grateful to be putting the last few months behind them. July and August delivered regular sprinklings of turmoil and chaos. Fortunately though, September offers a totally different energetic vibe, which is calming, releasing and all about personal growth and it is an unmissable opportunity to say a firm goodbye to everything that has been causing us friction and pulling us down.

We are about to shed many layers of old skin and go through a major transformation and don’t doubt that we are more than ready for this. We have spent our entire lives in preparation for this stage and we are now truly, finally, totally ready to release all the negativity that has been clogging and cluttering up our lives so that we can make way for what is waiting for us. Mostly, it is important and essential to be kind, gentle and loving to ourselves and others as we work our way through these next few weeks.

During our lives, each and every one of us has been through the mill, regardless of how hard some may try to appear perfectly pulled together when they face the outside world. Internally, as human beings, we all struggle emotionally, mentally and physically to some degree as we move through different stages of our earthly existence. We all experience pain and we all have to constantly adjust and adapt as we grow, and the learning curves we twist ourselves around can be sharp, cruel and cutting and they may also wound and scar.

Despite the fact that many people seem resilient, or as though they are unaffected by transitional events, we are all emotional, feeling creatures and none of us has all the necessary skills sharpened for each new situation that presents itself. We all mess up at times and we all fall. We all sometimes feel afraid, abandoned, ashamed, angry, confused, frightened and unsure of exactly how we are meant to adult and what it is that we are doing here. We all berate and question ourselves and we all have felt insignificant and insecure.

We often forget that we are here on this planet to learn and many of us collect our lessons the complicated, long, arduous way. We have been taking the scenic, colorful routes, searching, seeking and trying to uncover the missing ingredients from our lives and now, as we enter this new highly charged month we are piecing this puzzle together and it is all finally beginning to make sense.

The ironic thing that we are going to discover is that moving to this new phase of internal peace and a sense of freedom is going to be the easiest thing we have done so far, as to cut the difficulties loose the only thing we really needed to change was our perspective. If only we had known all along how simple things would become as soon as our mindset opened and altered slightly!

From birth our primal instincts have been deeply seeded within us and they have caused us some of our greatest turmoil and suffering. As new earthlings, we demanded time, attention, love, food, shelter, warmth and security and our parents or caregivers were constantly on hand to provide for us.

We became so used to crying out from the nest to be pampered and served that as we stepped into childhood and then into adulthood we struggled to let go of that feeling of cocooned safety and comfort we received throughout our earliest years and we silently, unknowingly yearn for what we feel we have lost.

We then spend our days, weeks, months and years unconsciously searching for people or material items that might replace the nostalgia of what we had once known, even if it was only briefly. Every time we think we get there, something just doesn’t quite fit and we spiral back to square one, feeling helpless and not equipped to venture forward. There always seems to be an aching void within that, despite all of our best efforts, never fully gets filled.

As we get older and start to realize that no one else is our savior and no one is around constantly or forever, we work on taking responsibility for internally filling ourselves. We figure that as we become adults other people aren’t there to do the work so that our needs are met, as no one will ever know exactly what we need, and not only that, we are grown-ups and absolutely capable of meeting all of our needs by ourselves.

During this month one of the main things that we will notice clearing is that unpleasant, nervous feeling that anxiety brings, which can wipe the pleasure and joy from precious moments. Letting go of anxiety happens through feeling adequate, confident and with the belief that we are capable of building our lives and maintaining them by ourselves and also that we heading along a route that is right for us and we can handle anything that comes our way.

Basically, we are going to be removing fear from our lives and this will be a tremendous shift as we prepare to stand tall, own our lives and finally feel proud of them—however they may look now.

September’s affirmation is:

“This is me, I am exactly where I am meant to be. I accept and love my flaws, as well as my beauty,” 

We are growing up. It doesn’t matter how old we are, we are all here just trying our best to navigate our way and not one of us have all the answers.

This is the time to swap our thoughts—from fearing we are failing to knowing and trusting that we are going to be okay.

Every month, we can use the opportunity to reflect on the month before and consider the vast amounts of knowledge, facts and new experiences we have been exposed to and absorbed. If we wrote everything down we would be in awe at how far we have travelled through our hearts and minds and at what we know now.

This is a journey and one that we are here to enjoy and there will always be challenges and obstacles. Simply by remembering that we are all in this together and none of us can judge someone else’s position unless they have lived and breathed that exact same existence, gives us all the freedom to be as we are and to love the place we are all at!

September is a powerful month, so attune to the high energy, feel the effects of it radiating through the body, mind and spirit—flow fluidly with it. Congratulate yourself on how you are handling your adventure so far! You are an inspiration and someone who has millions of incredible stories inside you, and you would be amazed if you retold and listened to each detail of them all.

You are a warrior; have faith in yourself and one step at a time breathe the energy in, appreciate it and gently, but fearlessly, keep on stretching, growing and moving gracefully along…appreciating the life-altering rhythm along the way.




Author: Alex Myles

Picture: Movie Still: Moonrise Kingdom

Editor: Travis May






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