September 26, 2016

How I Used Creative Visualization to Climb a Mountain in a Swimsuit.

Renee D

Every once in a while, a beautiful moment happens to show us our strength.

Sometimes, we forget just how powerful we really are. We get stuck. We get comfortable. Maybe, we even get frustrated, and we forget how to make things happen for ourselves. But then, a perfect moment, such as this one, comes along to remind us that we can have, do or be anything we desire.

If we can see it, we can create it.

Creative visualization has been a powerful tool in my life. I first learned about it in 1996 from my midwife. I elected to have my babies naturally. My midwife told me as soon as I made that decision to begin visualizing the birth of my daughter.

She told me to get really still, focus on my breath until my mind was clear, and then visualize my daughter being born quickly, easily, without pain or complications. She told me to make this a daily practice for the rest of the pregnancy—even if only for a minute or two every day—I was supposed to visualize a quick, easy birth.

Thankfully, I had a quick easy birth without the need for any interventions or pain management. I was able to repeat this process years later with an even easier birth of my second child. These were powerful examples of my mind-body connection. But, it would take years for me to understand that the same practice can work outside my own body as well.

Last fall, I reconnected with an old friend who lives in Arizona. I had never been to Arizona. I wanted to see the red rock in the mountains of Sedona. I wanted to experience the energy vortexes there, see the stars away from Nashville’s city lights, and spend some time with one of my favorite people.

We started planning a visit.

His brother got married in Sedona on Merry Go Round Rock. The photos were breathtakingly beautiful. I committed one of them to memory, and used it to manifest the trip through creative visualization.

I spent the next several weeks visualizing myself standing with my friend on the rock from the photograph. I tried to imagine what the wind would feel like on my face, how the sun would caress my shoulders, what the rock would feel like under our feet. I wouldn’t say I did this daily, but I did it often—maybe once or twice a week. Whenever I thought of Arizona, I would bring that image to my mind’s eye.

Eventually, I booked a flight. We talked about what we wanted to do while I was there, and decided to leave the long weekend mostly unplanned. We agreed not to schedule away the time, but instead just to be in the moment and enjoy it. I didn’t want to do the typical tourist junk, or go shopping, or anything like that. I just wanted to experience Sedona- to get away from the city and get lost in the gorgeous scenery.

On the third day of my trip, I was in the passenger seat of his jeep in a swimsuit. The top was down so we could soak up the glorious sun as we climbed the steep, rocky trails. Every turn in the trail revealed a new angle for us to view the mountains from. Then, something amazing happened.

He stopped the jeep and we got out to see that we were standing in the spot—the very same spot the photographer had taken the pictures of the wedding from. I didn’t just go to Arizona. I didn’t just go to Sedona. I went to the exact place that I had seen so many times in meditation while working to manifest the trip.

There was a little path beside us that we could climb to get an even better vantage point to see Merry Go Round Rock in all her beauty. We started climbing. In the heat, with the altitude, overwhelmed with emotion, I arrived breathlessly at the top of the path.

“Look at you! You climbed a mountain in a swimsuit!” my sweet friend smiled, bringing tears to my eyes. He snapped a few photos of me while I took in the gravity of what I was experiencing.

He knew how monumental that moment was for me. Just five years before, I was morbidly obese. I didn’t own a swimsuit. I could barely walk—I used the motorized cart at the grocery store because my feet and legs hurt so badly under the extra pounds I carried on them. If someone had told me in 2011 that I would be standing on top of a mountain in a swimsuit one day I never would have believed it. But, there I was.

I did that.

I didn’t just manifest the time and money to go to Arizona, which in and of itself was huge. I also created perfect health in my physical body so I could enjoy that experience.

Synchronistically, I manifested that day for my friend as well, so we could share that powerful moment together.

And, the rest of the trip was just as magical—there was no traffic, we got the last hotel room in Sedona one night, we found the best restaurants—where we never waited for a table. We met interesting people to talk to everywhere we went. It was the perfect trip—and a perfect reminder for me of what it feels like to really be aligned with myself, and living in flow with the universe.

Moments like these happen so we can see our power. No matter how difficult our situation. No matter how big our dreams. We always have the power to create what we desire. There is absolutely nothing unavailable to us in this world.

If we can see it, we can be it.




Author: Renée Dubeau

Image: author’s own 

Editor: Renée Picard

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