September 19, 2016

How saying Yes to “Losing Our Sh*t” is a Spiritual Stepping Stone.


Warning: Adult language

One of the great myths of the spiritual journey is that we are supposed to have our shit together.

That if we are spiritually evolved at all, then we would will be composed, graceful, peaceful and be a model of clarity and calm all the time.

But I see the spiritual journey in a completely different light.

To me, the entire point of traveling this unique human path is to shed all of the “shit” that we are carrying that we no longer need—and if this is the case, “losing our shit” is the best thing we can do.

In my work as an energy healer, I use clairsentience to tap into the deeper currents that are happening in a person’s system. This information comes through to me by using my senses.

Last year during a session I kept getting overwhelmed by a smell of shit in the room. I didn’t think it was from my shoes, or my client’s shoes, but I truly wondered why the smell of poo was so strong.

When the session was over, and the client and I were debriefing, the client suddenly started to get upset. She went on to tell me how everything in her life was “full of shit.”

This is why we literally do need to “lose our shit.” If we don’t, it stays in our system coloring everything that is happening around us.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed in your own life that this process of “losing our shit” usually includes getting upset.

Often we don’t realize that this shit is even in our system until we really pay attention to how bad we are feeling and let ourselves be effected by it.

It usually takes coming to the end of our rope, being completely sick of feeling bad, and not wanting to smell or experience the stench of our own shit any longer to be willing to let all of it go.

I get really sad when I see people beating themselves up for “losing their shit,” because I think it is something to celebrate.

Being able to have the vulnerability and courage to say this really hurts me and I don’t feel like I can take it anymore is what the world needs.

We can acknowledge that our pain isn’t who we want to be, and loosening it up with a good old-fashioned temper tantrum—or even a friendly venting session—might be just what we need to do in order to drop the old baggage that is no longer serving us.

If our intention is for healing and love, then that is what will be the true source of our expression, and an uncontrolled “losing our shit” session might help us let out the old trauma that has been stuffed down.

Basically, if we don’t want the old shit of our pain and trauma from younger days to run the show of our life anymore, we are going to have to let it out, let it go and let it not be the loudest voice in our heads anymore.

There is nothing wrong with shit.

Thich Nhat Hanh tells us:

“If you don’t have garbage, you have nothing to use in order to make compost. And if you have no compost, you have nothing to nourish the flower in you. You need the suffering, the afflictions in you. Since they are organic, you know that you can transform them and make good use of them.”

Let that shit go; it is your time to make good use of it.




Author: Ruth Lera

Image: Greg Smith

Editors: Travis May


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