September 8, 2016

It takes a Brave Heart to Love like This.

This is the point where you realize that not everybody loves the same way you do.

Not everybody has your good heart and pure intentions. Not everybody loves with their soul instead of body, eyes or personal desires. Not everybody is willing to put their whole heart out and risk getting hurt. Not everybody trusts, appreciates and gives the same way you do.

Not everybody is that brave.

Only few are those who have the courage for unconditional and unselfish love—the love that liberates, grows and colors the dark corners in our souls. Few are those who appreciate the true meaning of deep connection between two people, how it has the power to transform and heal them, while at the same time giving them the space they need to be themselves. Few people are those who can take your pain and transform it into art, making you fall in love with your flaws and broken pieces. Some only know how to inflict pain, so that they feel superior and protected. They don’t know that opening up is the only way to feel human, and being vulnerable is the only way to heal.

You know that surely everybody has this ability hidden deep down somewhere, they just keep it protected and sealed, so that they don’t get hurt. That’s when you start to want to help them—because you see the good in them, even if they can’t see it themselves. That’s when you invest in them, giving them all you have, listening to their thoughts and loving all of them—even their flaws, especially their flaws. You take their pain from them, and hold it in your heart like it’s a precious diamond, for diamonds are only more beautiful when treated well.

You do all of this because you expect the same in return, because you yourself have flaws and mistakes that you want to get off your shoulders. You want someone to share them with you, to make your load a little lighter. You know that taking someone’s pain will help yours to fade away. You know that the only way to survive is when we take strength from each other’s imperfections.

But then you start feeling like these people are drifting away from you, like they don’t see this connection as valuable because they’re afraid of being this vulnerable with anyone. They love you, but not in the same way, not in the same language. The great amount of love being given back and forth gets lost in the name of protecting one another from each other.

So you start to search for other paths that lead to their soul, because there’s no way you’re giving up on them, even if you have to cross a great wilderness before you reach their colorful meadows. But believe me, thousands of roses are waiting for you on the other side, if you’re brave enough to get through the thorns.

So you come to realize that in spite of everything, there are some people you’ll love more than yourself, no matter how flawed or imperfect this love is, no matter how hard they try to push you away. Sometimes you give them more than they give you, but that’s okay, because no amount of giving is too much when it comes to love.

You realize that sometimes, many times, you will feel pain more than anything else, but you’ll still be willing to love with the same intensity as before—for pain is here for a reason, and it won’t leave unless it has taught you something you have to know.

Finally, you realize that even if you can’t change people, you can still love them just as they are. You can still try to translate their love language into yours and find a common ground. You can still learn from the pain, forgive the circumstances and love again.

Because only you are brave enough to do so.


Author: Hoda Hilal 

Image: Instagram @elephantjournal

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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