September 23, 2016

Ten Ways to Make my Toes Curl & My Eyes Roll Back in my Head. {Non-Adult}

author's own Tirzah Faune

Sexuality is a common theme around most of my writing as it consumes my carnal mind more often than anything else.

For my own amusement, I wanted to bring forth other magnificent worldly delights that can knock our socks off.

Here is a list of thrilling pleasures unrelated to f*cking which elicit a similar response in my grateful body and spirit.

1. The first sip of cold coconut water straight from the source.

When drinking from an actual coconut (not an aluminum can of faux coco), I feel nourished by Mother Nature and quenched with organic hydration. It evokes chills, which dance through every cell as the cool liquid enters my system. I’m transported to a carefree tropical paradise with each refreshing swallow.

2. The moment I submerge myself into the ocean on a hot day.

I bask in feeling the waves make love to my welcoming body. The voice in my head whispers to the heavens,“Oh you do love me!” I’m being cleansed, purified, refreshed and wholly rejuvenated. All frustrations melt off and dissolve within the wet, salty sanctuary of the sea. Cool tingles of pleasure replace any unnecessary stress as I listen to the tide kiss the shore. Floating weightlessly on the surface encourages a gentle surrender.

3. Strong fingers pressing and rubbing deeply into…the bottom of my feet!

Reflexology. It makes me sedated, humble and so thankful to be alive I want to bow to the ground which my feet kiss daily. A strong, pressured massage allows me to longingly enter the temple of relaxation. I feel sensations surge up my body as stuck energy moves through me to further quiet my busy mind. It’s like my off button. I feel satiated and loved as stresses slip away and I naturally unwind; at ease with the peaceful vibes of life.

4. The profound intimacy between my eyes and an epic sunset.

I have gotten lost in unfathomable depths of awe as my pupils dilate with the soft, shifting colors. I’ve felt spellbound from being momentarily transported to a radiant field of universal bewilderment while witnessing this magnificent, underrated occurrence. I have wondered if it’s still my physical form sitting quietly on planet earth or if a more subtle part of my being has temporarily taken holiday to a sublime, majestic realm. The celestial rays of pastel light merge tenderly with my heart.

5. The sweet vibrating love penetrating a room after a joyful night of devotional chanting (bhajans, kirtan, belting out songs in my car or shower.) 

The magical resonance of repeated Sanskrit mantras opens windows of light in my devoted soul. The soft buzzing reverberates within me on such deep levels, introducing me to true love. When I take the time to practice this sacred act, I simply adore how much it bursts my heart open. I’m able to feel genuine compassion even for people and situations which earlier drove me crazy. The stories in my head disperse into harmonious frequencies that expand my consciousness beyond the stillness of my physical form.

6. When I bite into a dark chocolate bliss ball or homemade carrot cake.

Both of these salivating desserts bring forth a kind of overjoyed bodily satisfaction that makes me tremble with gratitude. My mouth waters with the thought of consuming their delectable sweetness. The stimulation treats induce deeply excites my senses; not only due to sugar poison but also the wondrous thrill of indulgence.

7. The exhilarating rush of propelling down a water slide.

As adults, we rarely have this opportunity but when we do, we can verbally release heaps of tensions with spirited screams of glee. The childlike mirth of splashing through the space of a tube-like structure produces such full bodied laughter. The euphoric joy of that cherished sensation is often lacking in the business of everyday life. It’s an intoxicating feeling to abandon control within a slippery channel before plunging into cool water. I refuse to believe I am ever too old to participate in the delight of a uniquely designed water slide.

8. Riding a motorbike on unfamiliar roads in an exotic land with no destination.

There is something so liberating about exploring a foreign country with no concern for any destination. I adore that feeling; when worries are nonexistent, fear of life’s uncertainties is blown away with the wind, and thoughts are outweighed by the attention it takes to drive; distanced far from superficial political drama and busy societal nonsense. What a highly arousing adventure!

9. Yoga, yoga and more yoga.

Beyond postures and deep breathing, Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga bring forth physical health and wellness, mental stability and clarity, emotional sanity, sexual vitality and spiritual evolution. The pure highs of a good meditation offers me glimpses of truth and a deep sense of connection. Everything is one beautiful dream. With sincere practice, I am reminded to find amusement and joy in this precious existence, regardless of where I am.

10. Curling up in a comfortable hammock with a lap full of books in the perfect temperature surrounded by nature.

When I take the time to enjoy the simplicity of the moment, I ask myself what could be more important than fully living in my bliss. The impractical importance of business washes away with each exhale. My perception changes. It’s a comfort knowing nothing else requires my attention besides the creative words written on each page, the stillness around me, my body swaying, sounds of singing nature and myself as a worthy and deserving individual.

The simple pleasure of taking time for myself sparks a special satisfaction I can enjoy on my own. If it’s worth it, there is always time.

“Remember that very little is needed to live a happy life.”
~ Marcus Aurelius


Author: Tirzah Shiya

Image: Authors Own & Pixabay 

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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