September 25, 2016

The Beautiful way Mayans Greet Each Other.

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“I like your light,” said a dancing boy next to me.

Immediately I looked everywhere on my body to find the light he was referring to. The dance floor was full of neon lights and I was certainly confused, because I thought I had not brought any lights to the dance floor—with so many around me they were really not needed.

Wait, how awesome. He was talking about my light. The best compliment ever.

As we breathe into reality, our attention focuses outward, mirrors all around reflecting back to us what we see. Rituals of passage, such as a full moon eclipse, or a fall equinox, give us space for contemplation, granted we are aware and paying attention to our sensations and our moods.

We take a couple of trips to emptiness, free flying without a direction, to let go of everything that likes to gravitate: all that weighs on your soul, what distracts your mind and short circuits your energy, to set foot on earth and fully feel the electricity. To feel your vibe.

One can leave everything to go with the intention of staying empty, and always what remains is what is. The essence of what will be. Therefore to be empty can be a divine experience. A brand new start.

In the pursuit of happiness, the obstacle seems to be always the self, the doors of perception and the glass vessel with which we look at things. In our effort to understand our existence, we create archetype characters to navigate humanity intact and to succeed in time traveling.

Do not be afraid of dying. We die every day, a little. Better yet, prepare to die in peace, learn to feel your vibe. Shine your light.

To explain how my story in the beginning—with the boy who said “I like your light”—relates, allow me to bring you back to that memory. We are mirrors to each other. What you see is what you are. “In Lak’ech,” greet the Mayans, when they say hello to each other—”you are I.”

This advice is particularly beneficial when we use it to serve others. Just like the boy in the story did.

When you enjoy dialogue with another person, remember to reflect only the brightest light—with your thoughts, actions and specially your words. Remind them of the beauty of their own light. May your vibration be loving. Love makes everyone shine brighter. That is one bright sky.


Author: Yesica Pineda

Image: Ryan Moreno/Unsplash

Editor: Catherine Monkman



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