September 26, 2016

The Elements of a “Good” Argument.

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It is hot. The sensation, I mean.

As we argue with each other, tears well up but it is the heat that evaporates them before they rain.

Why we argue usually gets lost in the argument itself. We are humans like that. As we fight for something, the middle way, we suddenly fight for something else, and somehow get caught inside a web, and we shake it until the spider comes out. It is the heat.

As we learn our sensations, sometimes it takes lifetimes to recognize ourselves in the middle of an argument. But when it happens, the light that shines through can create a new universe. Our breath is never deep enough when we argue, our throat chakra begins to close, and all those words have made us come out to kill each other, as an inquisition kills everyone who speaks up, against. It is the heat.

To be wise in such a heated moment is completely out of the question, as wisdom usually arises from a peaceful mind, which usually feels cold, or at least tempered. So no matter how right we think we are, the truth is that if we are arguing, what is right has passed us by.

And still, somehow, arguing as it happens usually feels like a must.

Opinions, as egocentric as they are, are what explains our decisions, our actions, our words, our judgment. And explaining your self can be what a good argument is all about. Until the argument is understood. Until I remember why I was arguing in the first place, because it is surely there, in the first place, where we can start again, in justice.

When you feel confused, and in the end you are not quite sure what the message is, or which lesson the universe is trying to teach you, you will naturally ask for clarity, to be grounded. Perhaps you will need a bit more context to understand exactly what is that you are intended to take away from the experience. Wisdom is to move the words back to the drafts for now, to stay with the feelings, and observe your sensations as they arise and pass away, with equanimity, with awareness, with understanding that this will also change.

How do you feel? What would your message be? What is your teaching?

That is the good argument.

When I can begin again. After the heat. Butterflies and all. Tears flowing, rivers flowing. To carry on to the places I come from, until my feet can touch the ground. To follow through. To face what I’ve denied. To get the love untied. To get those hooks out of me, and to take out the hooks that I sunk in deep in your side.

Until the washing of the water.

Be happy. Be happy. Be happy.


Author: Yesica Pineda

Image: WikiMedia Commons 

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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