September 23, 2016

“The job of the teacher is to insult the student.”

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“The job of the teacher is to insult the student.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa

Today Waylon discusses the heated conversation that followed when this quote was posted on Facebook.

It’s a difficult quote to understand out of context. The teacher is not actually meaning to be rude or insult the person, but to insult the person’s ego in the hopes that it will make them “wake up.”

The idea here is that our teacher is the one person on the planet that will see through our bullsh*t and call us on it.

“Our problem through life is that our ego runs the day. Our ego tells us to do this, to do that. We go through life saying ‘what about me,’ using other people, thinking about ourselves, and the cosmic joke of it all is that it doesn’t even work.” ~ Waylon Lewis

If you want to be happy think first of others. If you want to be unhappy, think only of yourself.

Bonus: Inspiring talk by Pema Chodron.


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