September 22, 2016

The Word that Beats in You & Me. {Poem}

Photo credit: Jodi Martinez (not for re-use)

**Author’s note: The following poem is about dissolving lines and divisions, and sharing in our humanness.


Listen if you’d like to what I have to say—

but I warn you I can only deliver it in a humane way.

And everything I have to say can be summed up in rhyme,

because quite frankly, it isn’t that profound and hard to define.

When the whole world wages war to strengthen the divided,

holy words making holy wars getting everyone incited.

If the holier than thou can stop with their sympathy,

put just one foot back on earth and touch true empathy.

Just take a second,

and stop

look at me.

Just care because we share something in common called humanity.

What I hate is that my words may differ from you,

and you’ll accuse me of throwing just another stone right back at you.

But my intention isn’t to fight over the content of my insight,

it’s to share that you and I possess the same light.

My words are merely a knife that I’ve sharpened and pointed,

with the humble intention to cut and reveal the anointed.

All the clarity we both hold inside,

the ability to use words and make them define.


Right here.

Right now.

At this very time.

We are united in our humanity.

The word that beats in you and me.



Author: Mari Moxley

Image: Jodi Martinez, used with permission

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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