September 24, 2016

What Everyone Needs to Know about Personal Vibration.

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The term “personal vibration” can be very misleading.

The word vibration conjures up a sense of something moving, shaking and shifting, and it can be hard to conceptualize how we each personally have something called a vibration going on inside of us.

This is especially difficult because we live in such a thinking culture.

A sign of being intelligent is that we are able to analyze, be critical and have an opinion about things.

But personal vibration can only be accessed with our sensing skills, not our thinking skills.

When we try to think too hard about the “idea” of personal vibration, it becomes just that—an idea that we have trouble grasping.

Instead, to access personal vibration, we feel what is going on within our own bodies and systems. When we do this type of feeling, it can’t be denied that there is a vibration inside of us.

Vibration is probably the most base sensation we feel. This can be unexpected because the term “vibration” sounds kind of fancy, therefore when we feel the subtle, nuanced sense of vibration within ourselves, we find ourselves questioning if we are actually tapping into personal vibration.

Vibration is really the simplest thing ever. It is what we feel under our skin. The easiest way to think of personal vibration is to think of that tingling sensation we get when we feel good, such as when someone plays with our hair, compliments us, or we have a satisfying orgasm and we feel all “warm and fuzzy.” At the most base level, this is vibration. In these moments, when it feels good to be in our bodies, we notice that we are vibrational beings.

When we feel good, we don’t mind acknowledging vibration.

But really, vibration is going on all the time in our systems, we just aren’t taking the time to intentionally tune into it.

So why does this personal vibration thing even matter?

Because more than we can even understand, the world around us is responding to our personal vibration.

If our thoughts could control the world, we would all be rich, conventionally attractive and have every dream fulfilled all the time. I mean, all of our minds are trying to make this happen all the time—but I don’t see it working for anyone.

No, our world isn’t responding to our thoughts, it is responding to our vibration.

And many of us are living in a state of stress, fear and worry most of the time. We are really unsure about our worth and if life will work out for us. What type of personal vibration does this cause in our system? Well, just imagine if someone told you that you had failed and nothing was going to work out for you. Would you feel all tingly like after a massage, or would you feel heavy and full of dread like you were in danger?

Our thoughts don’t create our life, they create our vibration.

Becoming aware of personal vibration is one of the best ways to be in the driver’s seat of our lives.

Circumstances, of course, affect our personal vibration. Bad news, disappointment, even a rainy day (if you don’t like rain) can bring us down. However, if we notice our vibration is going low from challenging circumstances, we can choose to shift it with our attitude and actions.

Tuning into personal vibration can only happen if we choose to be intentional about what we are doing with our attention.

This is the truest form of self-love we can bring to our lives.

Our attention has the ability to go anywhere. It can go to how we failed at something five years ago, how our body doesn’t look “quite right,” or how we wish we had more money, more love, more anything—but this will only bring us down, it brings our vibration down.

Or, we can use mindfulness to bring our attention to how the air feels on our face, the color of the trees, the voice of a kind person talking to us—and this will bring our vibration up.

Learning to steer our attention to things that increase our personal vibration is a skill, but it is a skill worth developing.

When our personal vibration is nice and healthy, it benefits everyone else around us, and there is no better way to use our attention and intention then that.


Author: Ruth Lera

Image: Instagram @sheryl216

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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