October 8, 2016

A Father Tells his Daughter why he is Voting for Trump. {Adult}

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I wonder if this conversation is happening across the nation today:

“See that man, up there honey. He’s running for President. I’m voting for him because he’s going to make America great again. And oh yeah, honey, it’s okay if he talks about women—well, of course you’re not really a woman, you’re just a little girl—but it’s okay anyway if he does it because I’m voting for him. It’s okay that he says things like he likes to grab women’s “p*ssies.”   

“What’s a p*ssy, Daddy?”

“Well, honey. That’s what you have—right—there. That’s what Trump, excuse me, President Trump, calls you and thinks you are anyway. He thinks that what you have—there—is all that matters about you. And if that’s what he thinks then it’s okay with me because I’m voting for him. See honey, he’s the smartest business man in the world, he says so all the time and he’s gonna’ build a wall and keep out all those bad men from Mexico.”

“What bad men, Daddy?”

“The kind of bad men that—well, I guess the kind of bad men that do bad things to women grab their p*ssies.”

“It’s okay if President Trump calls me p*ssy Daddy. I trust you. When I grow up I hope lots of men call me p*ssy and if they want to grab me—there—I’ll let them because I want to Make America Great Again too. I’m proud that you’re voting for President Trump, Daddy. You must be just like him or else you wouldn’t be voting for him.”

“Oh, and another thing. If a man ever calls you p*ssy and then tells you he’s sorry, it’s okay. You just tell him it’s all right because he said he was sorry. He doesn’t have to stop grabbing your p*ssy or change the way he treats you or anything because remember: President Trump is going to make America great again.”

“Is he going to make America great again for me too Daddy? Is he? When I grow up. Is America going to be great again for all the other little girls with p*ssies? Is it Daddy, huh? Huh, Daddy?”

With his base, lewd, off-the-cuff, “I didn’t know the microphone was on” commentary, Donald Trump has tarnished the vote of every man who votes for him with the same brush.

If a man knows about Trump and about how he thinks and feels about women and still votes for him, it can be concluded that man thinks and feels about women in the same way.

It doesn’t matter if that man is a college professor, a cement worker, or a black, white, Mexican, or Muslim man. A man who votes for Trump, aligns himself with Trump.

I say to all men:

Careful who you vote for. Your daughters are watching.



Author: Carmelene Siani

Images: Video Still

Editor: Travis May

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