November 18, 2016

A Canadian Environmentalist & Trump Agree on one Thing.


Yes, I am Canadian and no, I do not have to live in the country where Trump was elected president.

However, I do care about the impact his presidency could have on the world.

One of my major concerns is the lack of interest Trump seems to have for environmental issues.

I am trying to look for the bright side right now in our world, and it seems some of us have found it.

Renowned Canadian environmentalist and climate change expert David Suzuki was interviewed on the CBC program, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, regarding Trump’s win.

While Suzuki believes that Trump’s presidency might be what America needs to wake up and “confront what is really going on,” behind the scenes he also agrees with Trump on one interesting issue.

“We have got to start putting fences around us…” ~ David Suzuki

I will build a great wall, a great wall…” ~ Donald Trump

The difference between Suzuki’s and Trump’s statements is that Suzuki understands that it is “us” that have become the problem, while it seems Trump’s reason for building a wall is because he believes “they” are the problem.

Keep watching until the middle of the clip for the best giggles.

Author: Sarah Norrad

Image: Youtube screenshot

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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