November 16, 2016

A heart-healing Game for times of Sadness, Shock & Unrest.

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As far as I see, today I am still alive—and my liberty to continue creating a happy world for me and for others is still intact.

Blessed be. I choose my ride—because that is all it is. A ride. Transient, like a mandala.

Even after finding enlightenment, the Buddha washed his bowl. Even after being crucified, Jesus loved and forgave everyone. Real power is within. Moment by moment, what do I choose to do? How do I choose to continue? I observe how I feel, and I honor how I feel. I remember my intention. May everyone know real peace, real happiness and real harmony, for the benefit of all. 

In times of shock, here is a game I love, which always helps me to re-align my energy with the world at large and to adjust my perspective in the most beneficial way. This game is simple, though not easy to win.

There are only two rules.

The first is: Every time you put words together (speaking, thinking or writing) you must not use the word I. Find a way to say exactly what you mean without using the word “I”—not to change your ideas or message, but to simply find a way to express them without using the word “I.”

The second rule: What you are saying must be seeded in goodness.

Can you do this? Set the timer for five minutes. As you continue playing the game, increase the amount of time.

Every time we are able to win this game, our hearts are healed, until they are broken no more and can go back to doing what they are meant to do.

If you are wondering how not using the word “I” helps us heal, it is simple. As Miyamoto Musashi teaches us: “Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.” And as Sakyong Mipham teaches: “If you want to be miserable, think about yourself.” 

This is a game that can only be won if we play it.

May your heart come back into its true nature. A healthy heart, is a joyful heart.


Author: Yesica Pineda

Image: K Sandberg/Flickr 

Editor: Catherine Monkman


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Read 1 comment and reply

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