November 20, 2016

“Everyone needs to watch this video of one of Trump U’s instructors getting called out for fraud.”

Trump university

Donald ‘Never Settle’ Trump to Settle Trump University Fraud Lawsuit for $20 Million.”

Libertarianism in action: “Trump University instructor: My job was to sell, not teach.”

The case was settled just now, for $25 million dollars…leaving behind a trail of lies, broken years and busted bank accounts.

See if you can pick out the Trump University instructor’s tics when lying:

For more: 

A little more via Reddit, with real sources: 

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People here are arguing over whether or not the settlement means he is guilty without actually looking at the facts (ahead of time, I do think Trump University was a scam).
For instance, a lot of his former employees have said that Trump University was a fraudulent scheme, one saying their job was to “sell, not teach.”



One of the University’s executives testified that Donald Trump was responsible for creating some of the controversial ads for the University.


You may have heard that his University got a 98% approval rating. There is even a website dedicated to pointing out this claim. Most of those ratings however, came from people who had not yet finished their courses. Often times, students filled them out in front of their instructors, and some students were even pressured into giving good ratings.




Here is a link to a PDF of the official Trump University playbook.

Link to other playbooks (scanned images)

Link to a PDF from the New York State Supreme Court regarding he University

Other documents the Washington Post got a hold of.

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