November 23, 2016

For the Love of Darkness. {Poem}

abriz44 / Flickr

I knew.

I knew the first time I ever saw you.
I knew
your soul.

I knew because,
for the first time,
I had no control.
No sense.
No awareness.

I only had your deep, sapphire eyes,
staring into the darkness of my heart.
there was light.

I knew
because I had to remind myself
to keep breathing.
Am I still standing?
I felt as though,
even in your weak state,
you were holding me up.

I knew.
I knew from the moment my soul saw yours,
that yours
was just as dark as mine.

Not the bad kind of dark.
A good dark.
A deep, beautiful dark.
The kind of dark plum purple
you’d like to wrap yourself in
late at night.

I knew.
I knew because from that day forward,
you were the first.
The first I thought of
when I woke up,
when I smiled,
when the autumn wind gently caressed my cheek.

I knew
because you became

I knew because
I could feel you in my laughter,
in my every footstep,
in my every breath,
in my very being.

I knew
because you felt the same.
You knew.

Author: Claire Marie Hegstrom

Image: Abriz44/Flickr, Flickr/tainara 

Assistant Editor: Hilda Carroll / Editor: Travis May


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