November 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trumps’ Birth Charts Show who might Win this Election.


*Editor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!


Today, on November 8, 2016, all (or most) Americans are going to the polls to vote for the next President of the United States.

This has been a highly contentious election season that has polarized our country. Polls are reflecting a tight race, but as an astrologer I have been predicting—since May of this year—that Hillary Clinton would become our next President.

Here’s why.

Astrologers have many ways of looking at a candidate’s birth chart and forecasting the likelihood that a candidate will win or lose an election. To predict the outcome of this presidential race, I focused on the transits affecting each candidate.

What are transits?

Transits are astrological events that are produced when a moving planet in the sky forms a relationship with a planet in a person’s birth chart. The interaction of those two planets produces an event that causes something to happen in a person’s life.

These transits are the catalyst or change agents that affect a person, their relationships, activities and the major events that occur in their life. A transit’s effects can be positive, beneficial, negative, upsetting, difficult, disappointing and even depressing. As an astrologer, I have interpreted the transits of each presidential candidate and determined who will be the next President of the United States.

The Candidates’ Birth Times:

  • Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, IL at 8:02 a.m. (Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces and Scorpio rising)
  • Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in Jamaica, NY at 10:54 a.m. (Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius and Leo rising.)

My personal political views have never altered my objectivity in interpreting the transits (and progressions) for each candidate as their astrology dictated. The stars don’t lie even if we astrologers are prone to our own misinterpretations.

Astrologically, I believe Donald Trump will lose and why Hillary Clinton will win this presidential election today.

Donald Trump’s Astrology:

  1. Uranus squares his Venus (ruling his 3rd & 10th Houses). This aspect has been affecting him since July, August, September and October resulting in upsetting communications and a sudden reversal of popularity. It would also help explain why he makes many unexpected and shocking statements.
  1. Uranus trines his Moon during Election Day and all the way into March, 2017 (with the Moon ruling the public and Trump’s 11th House, which is the house of television). I believe Trump knows he’s going to lose the election. That’s why he’s making all kinds of excuses about the “election being rigged.” His Uranus/Moon trine is about him starting his own TV network show to take advantage of the movement he’s created. He may put together a TV network or show with his pal, Roger Ailes (former FOX News CEO). This would be Trump’s way of continuing to maintain his influence as well as making millions off of followers who worship him and would support his TV show.

Prediction: After the election is over—look for Trump to star in his own TV Show and/or start a TV network and make millions.

This transit is the only positive astrology Trump has at the time of the election. I believe it is also about him being liberated from the burdens of a campaign and the daily upsets from the public/media and breathing a sigh of relief from being a “loser.” He may look forward to the excitement of leading his 50 million followers in support of his new TV enterprise.

  1. Saturn opposes his Uranus & Saturn conjuncts his Moon in December and January, which suggests that he is fighting in the public, depressed and having problems with women. (Note: he has pending litigation and trials that will face after the election.)
  1. Saturn opposes his Sun. In January right around Inauguration Day. This suggests that he is discouraged and depressed. (This is likely because he is not taking the oath of office.)
  1. Pluto squares his Jupiter. In December and January, he has this aspect, which indicates that he will be facing enemies who will attack him and more lawsuits for his past wrongdoing.

Hillary Clinton’s Astrology:

There is so much positive going on in her chart around November 8th, Election Day, that I’ll just summarize the aspects happening at that time.

  1. Saturn trines her Mars, which indicates that she’s working hard in preparation to assume the responsibilities she’s always wanted—being President of the United States
  2. Jupiter conjuncts her Neptune, which indicates she has the opportunity to fulfill her ideals and dreams as she moves into a new residence. (Note: see a more complete interpretation of this aspect below.)
  3. Saturn trines her Pluto, which indicates that she has made her ambitions a reality.
  4. Jupiter sextiles her Mars, which indicates the good luck to finally get what she desires.
  5. Uranus trines her Saturn, which indicates a surprising opportunity to bring into reality all that she has worked for. She has a chance to revolutionize and re-build the country as the President.
  6. Saturn squares her Moon. There is one negative transit that will likely burden Hillary Clinton’s Presidency. In January, this transit is happening around Inauguration Day, which could indicate that she is depressed about restrictions she faces from Republican opposition who are either contesting her election or talking about indicting or impeaching her. It’s also possible this transit is indicative of a personal or domestic problem in her life, for example, a health problem for her or her husband, Bill Clinton.

The Clue: Where will Hillary live?

To predict who will win the Presidency, it is interesting to look at the 4th House of each candidate’s birth chart. This house rules one’s home or residence. If either becomes President, it is likely that their birth chart would show them making a move to a new residence. As I look at the transits affecting Trump’s 4th House, I see no indication of him moving anywhere.

But with Hillary’s 4th House being ruled by Neptune, I see that she has a very positive, transiting Jupiter conjunct Neptune happening right around election day. This transit tells me that this is a time in her life when her ideals are aroused and she will have the opportunity to fulfill her most deep-seated dreams. She will be concerned with transforming the social order and helping those in need. It is a time when she will have an opportunity that inspires her

With Neptune ruling Hillary’s 4th House, it is also a time when I see her moving into a special home that fits her ideal. I believe this is another “tell” because this transit is indicative of it being a “lucky” time for her, when she’s won the Presidential Election, and has the opportunity to move into her “dream house,”—the White House.

Prediction: Based on looking at each candidate’s astrology, I predict that Hillary Clinton will become the 45th President of the United States.


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