November 5, 2016

How Everyday Americans can Overcome our harsh Political Climate.

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While at a friend’s house last night the conversation inevitably turned to the impending election. None of us were interested in pushing a particular agenda and our political preferences ran the spectrum from Green to Democrat to Republican to Libertarian.

We were mainly discussing how the media has been spreading so many exaggerations and inaccuracies about the candidates that it is hard to know, in many instances, where the truth really lies. Just because we hear something in the news or read a post on Facebook doesn’t make it a fact. One source may give “facts” that completely contradict another source’s “facts.”

It seems that what much of the media really wants to spread is conflict, not impartial news. This conflict offers nothing positive to the world; it only improves ratings and furthers the agendas of the powers-that-be, agendas that I am sure have little to do with the welfare of the average American.

All we can truly know is our own world and the people with whom we actually interact with—our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. How do we want that world to appear? Do we want to push our opinions on someone else who may feel differently and bring conflict directly into our personal lives? How badly do we want to be “right”?

When we gathered together last night we connected as human beings, from the heart. We laughed, we hugged, we shared a meal (even though our dietary preferences range as widely as our political views) and we agreed that caring about each other and supporting each other is the most important thing. We are so much more than our opinions and preferences.

I have faith in America, even if I do not have much faith in our current politicians or our political process. Each of us can be the glue that helps to hold our society together or the knife that tears it apart.

No matter who wins this election, let us remember that we are all Americans and we will have to continue to live together for the next four years.

Let us be kind to one another. Let us support one another and work to create a more positive world, no matter what the politicians are up to. Perhaps if enough of us join together in peace and mutual support, we can send a message to Washington that what we really want from our leaders is cooperation and respect.

I believe that our actions can have more of an impact on our world that our vote. Peace begins with each of us.




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Editor: Travis May

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