November 26, 2016

How to Love Her.

Flickr/Robert Bejil

You may think you don’t have enough soul to wander alongside a wild woman who roams fearlessly with wolves—but you are vastly mistaken.

This free-flying bird with unclipped wings sees beneath your layers, your mystery and all the lies you tell yourself when lying alone, alert and awake through the longest, darkest of nights.

You don’t need to absorb old, intoxicatingly poisonous, tarnished tales spinning like hurricanes, shaking you and messing with your mind.

You glance over and see her standing tall with her untamed, untethered, unbridled wandering heart spilling out over the ocean—and then you notice your reflection rippling softly at the shore.

Time is ticking and you’re drowning out here as water creeps under the towering walls that you’ve carefully built to guard your world.

I see the agony flicker in your eyes.

This otherworldly free-spirited enchantment of the earth is unlike anything you’ve known and I know that deep down she terrifies something within you.

There’ve been times when you’ve tried to reject her. You’ve tested and relentlessly pressed each of her triggers as your insecurities told you that some day she would be sure to recklessly abandon you. But she stayed.

You tried to ignore, deny, forget her and destroy the remnants left behind. You have questioned, interrogated and cursed to hell the silent pull that draws you near her, but the magnetizing bond remains, stronger than ever.

And like sunrise you return. You always return.

Try to calm the crashing, thundering beat in your rib-cage made of iron and steel. Release the built up tension in your broad shoulders, and talk with me.

Why are you so afraid? Tell me, why does she scare you so? But first, please, allow me to softly whisper something to you…

The woman you yearn for is a ferocious uncontrollable force of unpredictable nature.

She has storms pulsating through her veins with intensity that lightning couldn’t hold and yet her blood is mixed with drops of sweet succulent bewitching nectar.

You will never be well enough prepared or ready to love this rare mysterious token of wilderness.

So, old friend, it’s pointless worrying and recklessly torturing yourself, pushing extremes to do whatever you think is required to capture or run from the seduction of this extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime love.

It’s nonsense remaining here all alone impatiently waiting for the day to arrive when you think you’ll be nourishing enough for this wildflower that ventures out without a care, exploring foreign land.

You—carrying the weight of exquisite hope in your weather worn hands—are infinitely worthy already.

She needs you just as you are—raw, with your bare-naked soul flawed with battle scars, wounds and haunts rattling unhealed and hidden beneath your skin.

She isn’t too free or rebellious to admit that she longs to feel your touch and the warmth of your limbs as they sensually entwine with hers.

This wild, mystical creature doesn’t seek perfection or pure saintly holiness. She appears tender and delicate, however she can handle more fire and flames than your dreams or imagination could churn or burn.

She doesn’t need teasing words loaded with ego-fueled intention. She won’t want you to say what you think she wants to hear, or to string smooth artificial sentences charmed with an agenda only to undress.

Slay open that heavily armored chest of yours, and feel what’s glowing inside. You’ve somehow forgotten that you were built from the dust and bones of ancient mighty warriors.

Carve a small space in the chaos of your moonlit cave, and be brave. Tear down your inhibitions, take a risk, and invite her in. She has been waiting for you to unfold your complication, untangle and step a little closer.

Stop running, and step out of the shadow—surrender your vulnerabilities, shake off the threats to your pride and allow your entire magnificent being to be seen.

That’s all she asks. All she wants. All she needs.

You—all you are now.

Just remember, always: “Love her but leave her wild.” ~ Atticus

And when you leave her wild, you will see that the roar of her inner wildness is tame, just as the wind, rain, stars, sun, moon and all other wild things on this land are tame. She may appear wild to you from where you stand, but out there she is at one, shining bright, blending with the trees and the lakes, effortlessly moving with them.




Author: Alex Myles

Image: Flickr/Robert Bejil

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina


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