November 25, 2016

New Moon in Sagittarius: the Path of Least Resistance will never Set you Free.

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*Astrology is silly. But it can be mindful if it’s helpful. ~ Ed. 


“Always let this free spirit fly. Sagittarius’s don’t like people who hold them back from being who they want to be.” ~ zodiacspot.co 

On Tuesday, November 29th we will have a new moon in the pioneering, freedom loving sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is one of the most independent signs of the zodiac. Sagittarians make decisions about their life based on how free they want to be in any given situation. Sagittarians require their wings not be clipped and to be allowed to soar wherever the wind might take them.

There have been many strong astrological occurrences the past few months that have left our heads spinning and our lives in upheaval—moments where we weren’t what was the right path was to take.

It’s been a time of chaos with the struggle between the heart and ego.

Many of us just experienced the largest full moon in our lifetime, and the light it shined on our truth was overwhelming. Those aspects of our unconsciousness that we’ve ignored came back with a startling intensity, challenging the growth we’d thought we’d achieved.

While we need to sometimes travel backward in order to move ahead, we also sometimes just need to let the past go to voicemail.

It’s easy to become entangled in hopes that perhaps this time would be different, yet often the reality is we let ourselves keep going back to the same old storylines because they provide a sort of security even if it’s uncomfortable or difficult.

We become entrenched in these alluring chaotic calls from our past and then find that our growth as individuals and spiritual beings is decelerated.

The difficult aspect for any of us is to free ourselves from the chains of our past so that we might just be able to soar into our future on the wings of hope.

This new moon in Sagittarius will be the final call, and that choice to step into our futures and say goodbye to our past.

Sometimes we’re reminded of the past, not always to be replayed, but to show us something about ourselves or our approach that we missed the first time around. It comes back for one last review so that we might finally be able to file it away for good.

We’ve all been through so much lately that now is our time to choose freedom.

It’s our time to be free—not just from our past, or from conditions, ideals, expectations, but anyone or anything that chains us down.

Yet, we don’t become free by following the path of least resistance.

We free ourselves by first climbing that mountain of doubt and obstacles, traversing the undergrowth and darkness in solitude until we find ourselves at the edge of a cliff. We have the choice to go back the way we came, revisiting everything we’ve encountered and perhaps running the risk of becoming lost once again, or we can choose to stretch our wings, and see if we can fly.

Because once we learn how to use our wings, and fly we will always be free—and there isn’t anything in life more valuable.

There is no greater truth or journey than the process of finding our own freedom and creating a life that supports it. But we get sidetracked with doing things the easy way, doing things the way that we always have and telling ourselves that we are the same person we’ve always been.

Quite simply, we can be distracted from greatness by succumbing to the lies we tell ourselves.

In order to become who we want to be, we have to make the decision to give up who we were. We have to believe in our dreams of having more, and of a life that tempts us with an auspicious wind of hope.

All of this begins with how we speak to ourselves.

There was a time this year for doubt, for self-criticism, for perhaps even self-sabotage but now is the time to kiss those demons goodbye and move into the light—into the truth of what it means to live life on our own terms.

This begins and ends within each of us, and the beliefs or limitations that we choose to succumb to—because often times, it’s ourselves that we first have to break free from.

No external appearance of freedom will matter if we still live in chains within our own mind.

We have to make the choice to be who we are simply meant to be, love who our hearts are drawn to, and live the life that feels right for us—regardless of if anyone agrees with our choices or not.

This moon marks the celebratory new beginning of a time in our lives when we stop letting other people write the rules we live by, when we finally find the courage to pick up the pen and begin writing the life we actually want to be living.

We will piss some people off, trigger them even or cause outrage in the few who feel threatened by those who actually find the balls to live a life they love.

But it doesn’t matter who agrees or disagrees with our choices.

We’ve tried to make everyone happy but it never worked because no matter how much those around us smiled, we never did.

We couldn’t force ourselves to live for others because all along we were simply meant to live for ourselves.

And it won’t be easy, it won’t be without challenges, and it sure won’t be without growth—in fact it’s going to require us to level up to our highest self and embrace every single day, every single choice like our life depends on it.

But the truth is, it does matter, and so does your freedom.

“Your wings already exist; all you have to do is fly.” ~ Unknown




Author: Kate Rose

Image: flickr/Nicholas Raymond

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