November 16, 2016

Nobody on the Planet knows what Donald Trump is going to do, but South Africa can Help.

daily show“Nonononono, I might kill people, but to grab someone by the p*ssy…”

Trevor is right, “the thought of Donald Trump as a dictator was funnier when he wasn’t in power.”

But there is one thing you can take comfort in from the many nations in Africa, and my and Trevor’s homeland, South Africa, in particular. It’s a complicated, fraught place for sure, but it’s also home to some of the warmest, most passionate, innovative and community-oriented people I will ever know, and I have travelled a bit. A country—a people—does not have to define itself by their leader.

If you need to talk, America, call us. You can cry on our shoulders and we’ll understand because it seems that our leaders are brothers from another mother and well, that kinda makes us family now.


Author: Khara-Jade Warren


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