November 25, 2016

November’s New Moon in Wanderlust Sagittarius & the Passionate Star of Antares.

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*Astrology is silly. But it can be mindful if it’s helpful. ~ Ed.


On November 29th 2016 at 12.18 UT (click here for exact times in your area) the new moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius, highlighting optimism, enthusiasm, adventure, new experiences, travel and change.

The moon pushes and pulls on our energetic bodies, causing our emotions and senses to rise to the surface before plunging again in just the same way as it magnetically pulls the oceans tides high and low.

This can feel chaotic, however it can also be peaceful, balancing and rhythmic when we gracefully maneuver in time to the moon’s beat allowing her to work her divine magic.

Just as the moonlight reflects on the lake or darkens its ripples, we also glow from the shine or retreat during shadow periods as the divine energy ebbs and flows within us.

When we succumb to the moon’s power, rather than trying to resist what she is unearthing and highlighting in our lives, we receive the opportunity to gain insight into our soul as well as our relationships and surrounding environment.

This allows us to alter dysfunctional behaviors, eliminate harmful cycles, break repetitive patterns and achieve a greater understanding of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and feelings.

The new moon is a time for seeding, planting and setting intentions for fresh new beginnings.

In the days following the new moon these intentions are fueled and strengthened by the energy of the waxing moon as it transitions into a full moon and tows us along.

For those who are in tune and highly sensitive to cosmic activity, the new moon will bring desperately needed dramatic and radical transformation, which might feel uncomfortable and challenging at times.

The new moon’s energy is focused on Sagittarius’ symbol, the archer, with its arrow pointing upward showing that it’s essential to keep moving onward, climbing toward the light, rather than wandering and wallowing in gloomy corridors of this wayward past year.

Sagittarius is a truth seeker and will whisper to remind us to step away from destructive nostalgia, as we have painfully learned that not everything is how it first seems. It boldly tells us to open our eyes and see people for who they are rather than sinking in illusions, wistfully hoping people are who we want them to be, or the character they deceptively played when they first appeared.

The pull of our desires will be loudly calling loudly and although we may feel vulnerable and afraid of rejection, we are in a period of embodying our independence, self-worth and sensualities and this will lead us to yearn for deeper connections.

This means we will search for emotional depth in our friendships, in richer conversations, in mutually satisfying sexual encounters, in spiritual practices that soothe our tensions and open infinite possibilities, and in pursuits that tantalize our untamed spirit.

This is our chance to clear out the old and welcome in the new so that we are prepared, ready and waiting for the magic of 2017.

The warmth of Sagittarius draws people together—December will be a month of celebratory gatherings for collective high-spirited energies—the essential ingredient for festive events.

It is time to make plans to gather under the stars and toast this new moon and to rejoice in the love, kindness and generosity that this season brings.

We will feel the urge to tell those we care about exactly what they mean to us, to meet with old and new friends, and to break down walls of separation by raising a glass to embracing diversity.

Sagittarius is a free-spirited gypsy and is madly in love with exploring cultures and gaining new experiences. Therefore, wanderlust will be knocking on our door, inviting us to wrap up warm and venture out into the crisp wintery wind and explore forests, villages or the interiors of our inquisitive minds as we settle and rest by the oceanside.

This is a time to nurture and take tender care of ourselves, relaxing and retreating in meditation, healing therapies or taking a salt bath decorated with scented candles while softly playing music that harmonizes the atmosphere.

On November 29th the moon is 2 degrees from one of the largest and most luminous stars in our galaxy, the wise, royal but also turbulent fixed star Antares.

Antares, which translates to the ancient Arabic meaning “the wounded,” is a supergiant fiery red binary star that signifies inner depth and intensity, located at the heart of Scorpius.

This blazing ruby red star is nearing the end of its life as it has consumed all its hydrogen and is only shining as it fuses heavier elements. Eventually (maybe today or in hundreds of thousands of years) when there is no fuel left to burn, Antares will collapse and explode into a supernova. According to Paul Butterworth and Mike Arida, it’s brightness will “rival that of the rest of our galaxy put together.”

Therefore, if we are aligned to universal energy, we will likely notice many of our old karmic cycles coming to a close as Antares’ journey reminds us that it is also traveling in a ball of flames toward the end of its karmic life.

Antares burns brightly regardless of its destiny, which is the perfect analogy for remaining present and living fully in the moment whenever we feel out of control or our situations are spinning turbulently. However, we should also be wary of burning ourselves out, particularly if we don’t pay attention and keep our awareness on who, what or where our energy is placed.

Red stars have a passionate nature and highlight our desires so we may be feeling drawn toward the temptations we have being trying hard to resist.

We will also feel compelled to look at whether our prominent needs are being met through the life that we have created for ourselves.

As our desires flush to the surface we may question aspects of our relationships, focusing on whether the ones we have prioritized are healthy or harmful and are healing or holding us hostage.

Thanks to the powerful infludence of Antares and Sagittarius, we will feel stable, optimistic and empowered enough to strip away the veils and inhibitions that have been blinding and holding us back.

This is an opportune time to look at what our heart wishes for and to listen to our silent desires. We can spend quality time making a list of who or what is important to us, and what we aim to achieve so that we connect more to those we adore and integrate situations of value and meaning into our lives.

We can refuse to be swept away with the current of daily responsibilities and make the decision to rise up with the ocean’s tide, feeling empowered to declare (even if only to ourselves) what it is that satisfies, fulfills, nourishes, nurtures and pleasures our mind, body and soul.

The new moon is the ultimate time to use our vivid imagination to visualize our dreams and set intentions, so that we can manifest a life of our choosing rather than accepting or settling for whatever floats our way.

We are on this planet to adventure, love, connect, share, stretch, grow, evolve and to break through fears and abandon old teachings, conditioning and beliefs that have keep us anchored, stagnant and limited.

We don’t need to adjust to the status quo if it is not serving our soul purpose and neither do we need to feel guilty for admitting we want and need more than what we have given ourselves.

Instead of feeling a forceful pull convincing us to return and attempt to cross tormenting broken bridges, we can gallantly put our hand on our warrior hearts while marching forward knowing we deserve more than we have allowed ourselves to receive.

While we may feel tempted to drag ourselves back to old frayed ties, we will also find the strength to swiftly slam the door on anything that’s caused torturous scars on our bruised hearts and heaviness to weigh on our mind.

Fortunately Sagittarius firmly holds our hand and drags us like the phoenix, up and away from the danger of choking on charred ashes from fires that have long since died out.

The cosmic mentoring offered will make us feel determined, courageous, enthusiastic and inspired to seek deeper meaning in our lives and unlock the mysteries that have caused us to experience great suffering and heartache.

Once we probe and unlock the true reason behind the personal turmoil we’ve endured, we can blaze through the associated karma just as Antares is doing.

As November’s new moon arrives and Antares defiantly burns through the night, we will be reminded that the old has served its purpose, the new is coming for us and everything we want is set on the table. Our fortune now lies in the cards laid out face down—cards that we have specifically chosen, and ones that are waiting for us to be ready to begin turning them over.

This new moon is shining for only one reason—to show us that we can choose to aim in a new direction, draw back the bow, release the arrow, alter our focus and courageously start over, by following the point of our soul’s compass.



To locate Antares in the sky please click here.




Author: Alex Myles

Image: flickr/Only Pride

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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