November 23, 2016

Stay Wild, Dear One.


Let’s not allow the years to tame us nor the hardships to soften our edges.

Let’s instead allow them to make us brighter and more courageous. Let us allow the joy to erupt inside of us, like a molten volcano, and the pain to transform us into something fierce.

For we will need all of that for this life—the ability to be ferociously brave.

There will be times when we will require retreat, when we are meant to wrap our body in warm blankets and snuggle into soft pillows. But there will also be times when we are meant to get up, to show ourselves fully and to not stop pushing until we have what we desire.

Don’t allow getting less than we know we want to evoke despair.

We can’t always control the outcome of a circumstance nor another’s actions, but we can decide to never give up.

Remaining wild is this: it is the passionate endeavor to continue to follow our heart even when it feels like it is broken into a hundred pieces.

I promise though, hearts always remain whole.

I swear that sticking to our truth and sharing our real, honest, rawest voice is what this planet is asking for.

Don’t change it too much, this sincerity—for anything. That sparkle in our chest is meant to look exactly as it does. It is the brand that shows the world our soul has remained unsold.

Don’t auction our authenticity off to the highest bidder nor bargain our beauty away for a promise of something better—for there is nothing better than simply being.

Remember, the secret we are all reaching for is a fabricated myth. There is not more of anything that will make us feel happier. We must find the bliss right here.

Go outside. Touch the rawness of the earth. Climb to a cliff top. Grasp a hold of a giant spruce tree. Rest your face next to the damp ground.

Smell it, that scent that only comes from the wilds. Can you notice it is the perfume of our souls? Understand that this is freedom.

When others ask us to do what they want, know we have the choice to decide to do what we would like instead.

Don’t be nice anymore. We don’t need more nice individuals. We need bold courageous beasts of humans. Make no mistake, it is our job to save this world.

We didn’t come here to follow someone else’s recipe, we came here to develop our own. We arrived on this planet at this exact time because here we would find the perfect ingredients for how our spirit needs to grow.

The journey we are on is not by mistake. To stay wild and free will take all of our courage and strength, but the reward is that we turn into warriors, fierce defenders of the rights of ourselves and of what is most sacred.

So stay untamed, not to be a rebel but to be one who is continually reborn.

Choose life over and over and surrender to the fact that we will have to start again thousands of times. Be okay with this. Know we are not alone in new beginnings.

Say ‘no’ often. Shout it out loud. Declare no-ness whenever it needs to be said. Exercise boundaries so that we are not living someone else’s story instead of our own.

Own this life and the path that it takes. It is meant to wind up, down and around. Don’t get stuck on how this should look, for staying wild sometimes gets messy. Lean into the chaos of creation, because it will surely surprise us more then just once.

Know it is okay to be lonely, for following our own tune often leads us to places where no one else will go.

Be okay with the silence that will surround us when we have left normal behind.

Those shackles we carried for years will hurt a bit to take off, because freedom is not always painless. We sometimes become attached to our jailer.

It is okay to to grieve the familiar. Remember though that it is only by reaching into the unknown that we discover something new. Do that, often—lean into the mystery.

Come back into this bodacious body of ours. Stay here with the juiciness in it. Dance. Do yoga. Go for a run. Walk slowly into the woods.

Become quiet in order to hear what it is that makes us roar and then defend that animal inside of us until we have nothing left—and at that point, lay down for a minute, naked on this earth.

She will fill us back up, I promise.

The universe does not leave her wild ones empty. She knows we are the people with the fight in us to heal the destruction of planet and each other.

For it is the untamed that shall save the world.

Stay wild, dear one.

We need souls who remain unsold.




Author: Sarah Norrad

Image: Author’s Own

Editor: Travis May

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