November 18, 2016

“This photo of Ivanka Trump is a middle finger to democracy.”

“…He’s waved away concerns about conflicts-of-interest, saying that he would just hand over control of his business interests to his children.

He called this a “blind trust” but it is actually the opposite. A blind trust is when you liquidate your assets and hand them over to a neutral third party to control. The contents of the trust are unknown to you. Trump knows what his assets are and says he is handing them to his children.

Immediately after Trump’s election, he named three of his adult children — Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. — to his transition team. This means the same people running the Trump Organization will also be choosing the top officials in the Trump administration.

Now he taking things a step further. In his first meeting with an head of state, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump invited his daughter Ivanka — who will likely serve as acting CEO of his companies — to participate…” …read the rest at ThinkProgress, which, though lefty, seems to be dealing in established facts here.

Via Reddit: “Imagine all the pants shitting that would happen if this was Clinton and that was Chelsea [and Bill, with the Clinton Foundation].

The hypocrisy is seizure-inducing.” ~ Reddit

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