November 23, 2016

This New York Subway Wall is offering much-needed Post-Election Therapy.

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I made a visit to the wall.

It is an underground massive collection of Post-it notes co-created by the people of New York City in response to the election of Donald Trump.

The outpouring of grief, anger and deep despair felt eerily similar to September of 2001. At that time, Union Square Park had become a meeting place and a shrine of sorts for the city filled with candles, flowers and missing person flyer safter the attacks on 9/11.

This shrine is in the subway station below Union Square Park.

There were some angry notes, but most were notes of love, hope and determination to rise up.

Reading the notes and taking in the sheer volume brought tears to my eyes.

The wall continues to grow in size with each passing day.

If you get a chance to visit, I highly recommend it.

Take the subway to the Union Square station, you can’t miss it.

Here are some photos I took while I was there:





Author: Susan Rubin

Image: Video Still

Editor: Travis May

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