November 23, 2016

To my Highly Sensitive Child.

Mother and Daughter near pool Mary Cassatt painting

My Child, you are not silent.

You are not invisible.

You have a voice that others can hear.

You feel above all else. Everything. When you feel love, gratitude, and happiness, they trickle out of your breathing heart and flow through your veins until their warmth has reached every inch of your self. This is what makes you come alive. This is what gives you life.

You are blessed with the innate ability to look into the souls of all living beings. You hear their words and their silence. You look into the depth of their eyes and hear broken voices and feel the pain and fear within their hearts.

Yes, there are days when you walk with the weight of the world upon your shoulders, but this is not a curse. Your’s is truly a sacred gift. You were chosen to receive this precious treasure, to anoint a world so desperate for love with kindness and compassion. You were destined to carry on this holy mission.

My Child, your kindness is not a weakness; it is your strength.

There are those who will take advantage of you; those who will demonize you saying you are too sensitive, that you care too much.

But, hear my words, “Love anyway. It is not possible to love too much.”

Those around you may not comprehend the path you take; they are not meant to, for it is not theirs to understand. You were born to lead a mission of empathy, to teach others to be brave enough to feel the hurt of the human race, to comfort the suffering, to assure them that they are not helpless in this cold world. Your mission is to listen and understand. You were born to teach humility and harmony, to teach our humanity. You are here to open the eyes of those blinded by hate and fear and to inspire the meek to be the change they wish to see in the world.

My Child, there are times when you will feel lost on this blessed journey. But do not despair.

There are angels guiding your way. They give you strength when you feel weak. They bring you peace when you feel afraid. They comfort you when you crumble. They teach you patience, love, and faith, as you wade through the waves of the unknown. They hear your doubts and answer you in the silence. Listen to them in the quiet of a vacant church, illuminated by the flames of flickering candles whose incense raises the prayers of the faithful to heaven. They are there. Listen to them in the stillness of a lonely woods, freshly bathed in the morning’s dew. They are there. Listen to them in the innocent laugh of a newborn baby or the sweet melody of a familiar song that suddenly reaches new depths of your being. They are there. Listen to them in the tight embrace of a loved one, wrapping you so wholly in love, that all of your broken pieces fall perfectly back into place. They are there. They are speaking to your heart, to your soul. They will lead you forward on your journey and inspire you to become more than you ever thought possible.

Yes, you are quiet, humble, and intuitive. You listen, you observe, you think. You see the world through hope-colored glasses and believe that goodness still exists in a world so darkened by the shadows of reality. You see the humanness of people in every situation and search for reasons behind their actions. Never doubt these powers, for most are not blessed with such gifts. Continue to smile in the glares of adversity, to help the misunderstood, the judged, the forgotten. Continue to share your empathy and your sensitivity with those who do not understand your words. You were meant to enter their lives and partake in their journey, just as they were meant to partake in yours.

When it is your time to leave this Earth, you will soar to new heights. With your radiant wings, you will guide others who will follow in your footsteps to feel the heaviness of sadness and suffering. You will whisper the songs of strength, courage, and faith leading them forward to discover their own confidence, their own truth, their own voice.

My Child, always know that your soul is a blessed contribution to this often cruel and tear-stained world. You hold our deepest gratitude for having the courage to allow your loving kindness to shine brighter than your fears and for letting your heart beat for the broken who have lost their voice. You are lighting the way for peace.

Carry on. Do not be afraid to feel. Be sensitive and kind, and let your soul speak.

The world desperately needs to hear your voice.



Photo: Mary Cassatt.

Editor: Waylon H. Lewis


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