November 15, 2016

We are who we surround ourselves with. Our intentions are seen in our actions.

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We are who we surround ourselves with. Our intentions are seen in our actions.

“Vulnerability is wonderful because it’s the gateway to being genuine. When we can’t be vulnerable, we’re being protective, we’re being fake, all the time, and that’s incredibly tiring. And it’s incredibly selfish when we’re being fake. We will use and abuse other people because we’re just trying to protect ourselves. When we’re vulnerable, we can be genuine and we can be kind and we can be empathetic. Empathy is the most powerful and transformative human emotion there is.” ~ Waylon Lewis 


This is what John Oliver has to say about Trump.

We are all fundamentally good.


Get the hat: Doomsday special: $15/hat.

Overcome anxiety.

Taurus full moon.

Creative full moon ritual.

Beaver supermoon.


November’s full moon.

Acknowledge your beliefs and then come right back to the present moment.

Letting go is hard.

Pagan ritual.

The right to protest is literally the first amendment.

Toxic family holidays.

This is how Waylon deals with his crazy family.

How to help children deal with death.

This will help us all deal with death.

Waylon did a video about domestic violence.

Here is a helpful article about domestic violence.

10 Buddhist books for beginners.

Get Waylon’s book: Things I would like to do with You.



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