December 1, 2016

Why I Set you Free.

not give a fuck

I want to give him the opportunity to dive to the depths of himself and the world, without fear that I won’t be there when he resurfaces.

I want to give him the room to play, to adventure, to expand. With me. And without me. 

I want to give him a safety net to land on so that he can fly to new heights without any fear of falling. 

I want to be a sanctuary for him for when he feels alone and when the world is cold and cruel for him. 

I want to give him freedom to express himself, as he wants, without me forcing him to be someone he isn’t.

I want to give him the rawest, most authentic and vulnerable parts of me.

I want to be a map to redirect him back to who he is when he feels lost and forgets his own beauty. 

I want to challenge him to show up as the best possible version of himself. Everywhere. And in every way. 

I want to bring new experiences to his world that are filled with awe and wonder so that he continues to grow and evolve. 

I want to look at him, as much as I can, with the same lust and attraction that initially drew me in.  

I want to give him strength and courage to approach this world from a place of worthiness. 

But most importantly,

I want to give him a partner that gives all this to herself as well.


Author: Karishma Chawla

Image: Flickr/wedontcareabouttheyoungfolks

Editor: Erin Lawson

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