November 16, 2016

Your Aching is Valid.

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Your aching is valid.

Steep it in hot cups of tea. Use it as fuel for challenging conversations. Let it empower you to take action.

We are being called to heal as a collective society.

And healing is messy.

It’s going to feel uncomfortable. It’s going to feel unfamiliar. It’s going to require us to go places we haven’t gone before.

How will you show up?

The “us vs. them” mentality is not working anymore. It’s time to understand why. Time to have conversations to work through differences.

We as humans all want to feel heard and understood. Dismissing opposing points of view will only perpetuate further division. Call on the innate love from within to help you try to understand.

Relationships with loved ones who have differing opinions may be turbulent at this time. Let them be so. Get uncomfortable. Cry if you need to.

May we bless the mess. May these turbulent times bring truth. May we remember our purity. May we remain loving and determined. May we speak truth even when it feels terrifying.

May we stand by and support the LGBTQ community, people of all races, immigrants, women, and environmentalists.

May we protect one another whenever our voices begin to shake; whenever anxiety creeps up, attempting to reduce our innate worth as humans. May we extend our hand to those that need one to hold.

We have not lost. It looks like we have—but let this be just the beginning of a soulful revolution.

May we remember this by keeping our eyes fully open and our hearts fully awake.

Losing hope and remaining bitter will eventually lead to complacency. When you feel yourself going low, please reach out to someone that will take you higher. We are in this together.

So, today, tomorrow, the next day, however long you need, steep your tea with aches and pains. Sip as much as you need in order to give you the strength to rise when you are ready.

We’re all here, waiting to hold your hand.



Author: Denae Thibault

Image: Author’s own.

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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