December 6, 2016

December Full Moon: Gemini ignites the Fires of Intimacy with Words of Love.


On December 13, 7:05 p.m. we have a Full Moon at 22 degrees in Gemini.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, in Native American cultures, which tracked the calendar by the Moons, December’s Full Moon was known as the Full Cold Moon.

That is a fitting description because this is the month when the winter cold fastens its grip to give us longer nights and greyer, icier days.

Keep in mind that this Full Moon occurs near the winter solstice—the shortest day of the year. (Wednesday, December 21 at 5:44 a.m. EST).

During each Full Moon I often hear the question, “What’s so unique about this particular Full Moon?”

Well, from an astrological perspective, each Full Moon falls into one of the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac named for a constellation. This Full Moon falls into the sign of Gemini.

This is a time of super-charged energy with the sun and moon in opposite signs of the Zodiac. The sun, which represents us—our character and essence—is now in Sagittarius. The moon, which represents our emotional needs—all that we need to feel safe and secure—is in Gemini.

The sun and moon being in opposite signs creates a yin and yang of solar and lunar harmony. During the previous New Moon we may have conceived of ideas or become vaguely aware of our desires. In fact, we may have had miraculous epiphanies of the things we wanted to accomplish.

Here are a few ways that this Gemini Full Moon may bring us a relationship where we hear those special words that excite both our mind and heart.

Enjoy a mental love connection with someone new:

Under the Gemini Moon we want to socialize and have lots of fun conversations, especially with someone new who is charming, curious and intellectually stimulating. The fastest way to our heart is through our mind. Any new romantic interest must engage our head—if they want to engage the rest of our body. If we can’t stop thinking about their words, we know we’re “in like,” and possibly on the way to “in love.”

We feel the greatest emotional happiness in a relationship with someone who excites our mind, tells us amusing stories and makes us laugh. We are especially attracted to someone provocative or even naughty with their words—as long as they aren’t crude. We enjoy flirting with them in a light-hearted way, feeling none of the pressures of the typical intense romance.

We are more than content to enjoy the ride and take our time for love to blossom—if it does. If not—no worries because “variety is the spice of life.”

During the Gemini moon we are of two minds.

On the one hand we are intrigued by romance, while on the other, we enjoy being free to meet many potential love interests who could captivate our heart. Now, it is only important that a new love charm us by being funny and making us laugh. We are bored with good looks alone and crave a social connection with someone who seems intellectually curious, interesting and filled with new experiences that mentally excite us and broaden our mind.

A Gemini Full Moon is made for those who love with their ears, not just with their eyes, and want someone who loves them in that way, too.

Enjoy a mental love connection with someone established:

If we are feeling bored and intellectually under-stimulated by our current relationship, a Gemini Full Moon is just what the doctor ordered.

By finding new ways to mentally engage each other, we can re-kindle the passion and romance we once felt for our lover. In more established relationships, we run the risk of becoming too familiar with each other. Often the physical excitement we once felt—when hormones ran wild and everything was new—are no longer present. Now we need our mind, not just our body, to be aroused.

The Gemini moon is a great time to bring mental excitement and intellectual stimulation into our relationship in ways that re-kindle the fun experiences we use to have as well as the sexual cravings that often followed.

This Full Moon motivates us to mentally re-discover the desire and passion we once felt so deeply for the person we committed to years ago. We have the opportunity to re-establish intimacy with our partner by having more of a verbal connection. This is the ideal time to sit down and have a fun conversation, share a humorous story or just engage in the kind of philosophical discussion that once kept you up talking to each other until the wee hours of the morning.

The Gemini moon jolts us from the boredom we have felt sharing a meal, where our dinner conversation didn’t move much beyond, “please pass the salt.” Now, our mind is awakened to how our partner’s intellect and to how bright and stimulating we can be too. As we mentally re-connect, we feel a stirring that comes from our head and travels to our loins. We feel a sense of deep intimacy and that reminds us of the kind of longing we felt for each other back then.

How do we ignite the fires of intimacy under this intellectually stimulating moon?

It starts with talking about our need and desire to have more conversation and mental connection. Both of us have to commit to making an effort to spend more time talking, socializing and having experiences out in the world that are a source of discussion and intellectual stimulation beyond, “how was your day?”

For some people, it begins with a joint pronouncement of “let’s go to that book store in our neighborhood and listen to an interesting author talk about his newest book.” Or, “let’s go to the theatre tonight and see the new foreign film that’s opening. Then we can go to dinner and talk about it.” 

After that dinner, this is the Full Moon to go home, light a fire, burn some candles, turn on some music and talk about some of the experiences you’ve shared together. Your conversation may bring you to a place where the words you hear and speak lead to a smile…that leads to a kiss…that leads to the words we want to hear, and mean most, “I love you!”

Mentally stimulating activities to enjoy during a Gemini Full Moon:

> Attend an interesting lecture on a topic you both want to know more about.
> Go to a bookstore together to find a book you both want to read.
> Attend a foreign movie that lends itself to intellectual discussion.
> Plan on having dinner afterwards at a restaurant where it’s comfortable to talk.
> Go slow dancing at a jazz club where you can have fun.
> Plan a dinner with two other couples who are interesting and conversational.
> Take a class on a subject you both want to learn more about.
> Go to an art gallery or historical museum to see their exhibits.
> Plan a weekend away to a city that has lots of interesting events and amusements.
> Put romantic music on while holding hands on the couch and just talk.
> Think back to the times when you were sexually attracted to this person and verbally express the things they did that really turned you on. Then tell them the things you enjoyed doing to excite them.


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