December 12, 2016

How to Feel at Home while we’re Travelling.

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Whenever I book hotel stays I always request the following things: a kettle, a small fridge (hotels will almost always accommodate this), a bathtub (if available) and a balcony (if affordable).

The kettle allows me to make my own tea and hot lemon water in the mornings, and with the fridge available I can stock up on healthy snacks.

I usually head to a local grocery store right after I’ve arrived to buy necessities like fruits, veggies, hummus, yoghurt, coconut water. It’s so good to have fresh stuff around.

If there is no fridge available, I empty the contents of the mini bar and squeeze my things in there.

If the room has a balcony it’s magic because we can sit outside, or at least let in fresh air to clear the space.

And the bathtub! Oh, bathtub. I will literally choose hotels based on bathtub availability. I light candles and sprinkle a few drops of essential oils in there and it’s heaven after a long day. Don’t worry, since I’ve been pregnant I make sure the water isn’t too warm and I don’t soak for too long.

If there is no bathtub, I use essential oils in the shower—lavender to calm in the evening and eucalyptus to energize in the morning. It’s like an on-the-go spa.

Anything to feel a little more at home.

Now, time for bed.


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