December 25, 2016

If You are the Storm. {Poem}

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If you are the storm,

I am your eye.
Rage on.
I will stay calm.

If you are the rain,
I am the sun.
I will continue to shine.

If you are the mountain
I am the wind.
Our dance is as old as time.

If you are air and fire—
Don’t miss a beat.
Open your eyes.
So am I.

I’ll dance with you and fan your flames.
Breathing in the tamed and untamed. 

If you are the cynic,
I am here
to remind you
we see through you:

a fierce idealist,
weary of pain.
This is nothing of which to feel ashamed.

If you are the seeker,
I am the signpost to Source.

If you are the frozen
or broken.
I am the one who has been there before,
the one to inspire you to break a little more.

Break open.

It’s true what they say:
“It’s where the light comes in.”

I am the silence and stillness in the din.

If you are the timid and uncertain…
I am your boldness.
Mirroring you back at you.

Come forth.
Come out.
Stand tall.
Reach out.

For you are not a mouse in a cage.
But a lion on a mountain—
Panthera leo avium.

Spread out those pinions,
you fearsome beast.
And fly.

Let me be the wind beneath your wings. 


Author: Catherine Simmons

Image: @illusiveelise on Instagram

Editor: Toby Israel


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