December 8, 2016

Love Someone who is Vulnerable. {Poem}


Love someone who is vulnerable—

who shows you, not their mask
they adorn every day for this world,
but what is inside
after the titles have been wiped away.

Love someone who shows you their true heart.

Love someone whose heart breaks
at the sight of another’s pain
and opens at the feeling
of someone else’s truth.

Love someone who finds strength in softness—
who can hold space
for another’s pain
without taking it on themselves.

Love someone who is not
afraid of the gaps,
someone who is not a slave
to “busy.”

Love someone who is not afraid
to speak of fear,
as they do not let fear behind the wheel,
or hold the map,
or give any direction at all
to the course of their life.

Love someone who travels alone,
makes friends on airplanes,
in coffee shops,
in finding cover from rain—
someone who is open to this world
and the people in it.

Love someone who knows that trust lives
in the soles of their two feet,
in the ground beneath them—
someone who trusts the world to take care of them
and in their ability
to take care of themselves.

Love someone who will speak to you of past lovers—
who speaks highly of those who held their hearts,
and even more highly
of those who broke their hearts.

Love someone who learns from love,
who strives to be better,
show up
and do the work that needs to be done
to honour your heart.

Love someone who is not perfect
and never tries
or claims to be,
for they know that perfection does not exist.

Love someone who knows that worthiness
lives in the layers of their skin,
that they are enough
just by being.

Love someone who knows
they cannot do it all alone,
who pulls those who can help them
into the ring.

Love someone who risks
for love,
for life—
who does the things they wish to do
before they have the things
figured out.

Love someone
who finds strength
in softness.

Love someone
who makes your heart
drop to its knees—
your brain
spun to dizziness,
your spirit
grounded in awe.


Author: Annabelle Blythe

Image: Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

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Read 1 comment and reply

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