December 15, 2016

These Small Steps—we can All take—will Help with Global Suffering Now.

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I learned years ago to simply focus on what’s directly in front of me (literally) whenever my life becomes too distraught.

This means working at maintaining a mindful presence while diminishing my worldview enough that I feel there’s some semblance of control over the life I’m leading in a meaningful and beneficial way.

In doing so, it’s helped me define what’s truly important and what is simply a racket. Most of my consumer-driven needs, for example, are more closely akin to an impulse or compulsion to need what’s unnecessary, convincing myself it’s justifiable, while conveniently ignoring how it affects the world at large.

I’m mentioning consumerism, because I believe it’s the one factor that plays into all major and minor world affairs—like economic stability (stabilization or destabilization), how peoples’ governance is chosen (how we are ruled over) and how well we’re managing Earth (bottom line or profitability versus environmental impact and long-range sustainability).

I believe it’s the lynch pin, determining whether we can become a peaceful world or if we shall remain a war-torn and oppressed, degraded humanity instead.

As a bystander, it’s impossible for me to ignore the blatant human rights violations taking place around the world. It’s captivating our attention unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before. Citizens around the planet are expressing their solidarity relating to these unfortunate plights.

Eyewitness testimony is arising virally throughout social media from those on the front lines—civilians, just like you and me who only want freedom and peace.

There’s simply no denying our predicament and responsibility to act justly, with swift measures that promote and embody peace.

With the advent of mainstream news and “fake news” often telling two opposing stories, it’s hard for me to trust what’s really happening in this world. However, when I see multiple Twitter posts of people who are in Aleppo as we speak, saying their goodbyes and pleading for us to help them, I am suddenly brought into a state of full awareness, relating to the human tragedies currently unfolding. My empathy and humanness are aroused exponentially.

Let’s create a bridge to help understand our involvement in this:

When we consume, we ultimately support a series of monopolies whose influence wields great sway in world affairs. Our downstream impact statement is tremendous (often times, well hidden by subsidies that favor dominant markets, no matter how corrupted they are).

The greatest influence we’ve been granted on a daily basis, is our buying power. Each day, we vote with the dollars we spend or are working diligently to earn.

Upholding the American dream for example, comes at the cost of oil exploration, excavation and, if necessary, warring over resources. Everyday products, found throughout the average household were derived from petroleum (directly or indirectly). A byproduct of occupying new territories (infrastructure) is capitalizing on its settlement (capitalism). Democracy—as we’ve been taught to demonstrate and support.

We’re currently witnessing the shocking display of force and divisive militarized tactics being used against peaceful protesters, exercising their constitutional rights to speak freely and pray peacefully at Standing Rock. This is on our own home front. We’re being socially conditioned to accept a police state, in my opinion—history repeating itself.

Our dollars, once again, support these efforts of authoritarian influence—it’s a dual edged sword. When we earn, we pay taxes. When we earn, we inevitably buy more things. To uphold this value system, our government works tirelessly with the Federal Reserve, Military Industrial Complex and multi-national corporations to effect foreign policies and trade routes (including war profiteering) that support the Western world’s privileged ideals.

North America was founded around colonialism, genocide and domination over resources. Same story, new era.

These practices are still being taught, sympathized with and enforced today under whatever guise is necessary to convince us that these actions are justifiable (like patriotism). I’m personally finding it hard to uphold a healthy conscience, when acknowledging how my daily actions influence other parts of the world in a violent way.

Solutions seem daunting but necessity always prevails. Our inventiveness is born when the need to overcome diversity surmounts our need to simply let be (what is), continue to persist. Repeating the anthem of our heritage will only devastate more countries around the world and will eventually impair any chance this country has at redeeming any inalienable human core values (which every human deserves).

A quick call-to-action for those who truly wish to support a global movement toward peace and genuine prosperity (a peaceful revolution):

Consume less.

Less is so much more. Ask yourself twice, “Is it really necessary that I buy this?” Every purchase, no matter how minute, counts. We’re dealing with hundreds of millions of individual purchases each day, that the corporate elite rely on us making to help sustain their agendas (global dominance over each market, like water and minerals, food supplies, or oil and gas expenditures).

Drive less.

Pay less at the pump or consider ridding yourself of a vehicle altogether. There are multiple commuting options that are both viable and healthier on ourselves and the planet. Loan payments and insurance premiums are an added expense to the pocket book, keeping consumers at work longer each day.

Pay attention.

Listen to those around the world asking us for our support. We are the catalyst—the Western world. Our decisions influence the rest of our global economy on a grand scale. This habit of ours is killing people and impeding the planet’s ability to support us long-term.

Be willing to resist.

Instead of asking our policymakers (the instigators) to do something or intervene, we simply need to act ourselves, in solidarity with one another. Their actions lie solely in Public Relations stunts and proxy endeavors. No matter what we’re being told, it’s all a maneuver to keep us bound to our current timeline—the one that utilizes age-old tactics like bombing innocent people in other countries and seeking to dominate influence over human affairs, while ensuring us it’s in defense of our democracy (the illusion of freedom).

It’s time for us to get real with how we’re choosing to wage our waking battles. As consumers, we are upholding ideals that beget bloodshed. There are plenty of solutions, but they must be brought to the table for discussion amongst the citizens of this planet.

Crippling the establishment by consuming less is one way of expressing our voice, consenting that enough is enough. The new paradigm requires right mind and right action—citizens of the world acting in solidarity, rather than requesting government to do what’s right.

Dare to do differently than we were taught. I only see a peaceful revolution as the primary solution to serving one another humanely, on a global scale.




Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Image: Twitter

Editor: Travis May

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