December 1, 2016

The Heart of Awakening. {Poem}

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As I stand outside myself, my eyes are closed, but I’m aware.
My thoughts sit naked and vulnerable, but I’m glad that I am here.
A cascade of awakening has begun—space to run and hide is nowhere.
All of my fears have been shunned—only room for love is fair.

My heart is the ocean the river longs to find.
Once it carves a way through anything, both waters will combine.
Together they could feed everything, like the breath of the divine.

Now the flood gates are burning down,
With the bridge I crawled across for too long,
I don’t even hear a sound, yet I recognise this song.

Instead of seeking shelter in familiar comforts,
like sweet, predicable, suffocating safety,
this time I shall embrace it—it doesn’t have to chase me.

The cleansing rush pours into every crack,
And soaks all it can touch, until I taste it.
Every rough edge is polished, not demolished,
And not a drop is wasted.

As I toss within the current, I am chilled to the bone,
bruised and exhausted, I dream of my safe home.
Still I drag my heavy weight, into the sun to let it dry,
And as the gold warmth covets my soul,
She whispers:
“Now open your eyes.”
And with sudden profound strength,
I began to rise!




Author: Stephanie Starr

Image: Flickr/Derek Bridges

Editor: Travis May

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Read 28 comments and reply

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