December 16, 2016

The Rise of the Modern Witch.

courtesy of author, Danni Kelly

What does she look like?

Just an ordinary, everyday woman with a peaceful and inviting ambience about her. She is authentic in the way she moves, talks and smiles.

She radiates love.

When I was a little girl, there weren’t many women around embodying this description. Instead, our mothers and grandmothers appeared to be slaves to a life they hadn’t chosen for themselves—slaves to everyday jobs and slaves to routine. The amount of work they were expected to complete left little time for any self-love, and so they didn’t appear fully happy, something always missing from within.

The rise of the modern-day witch is a revolution; women of today want to give their mothers and grandmothers a voice. They want to set their foremothers free so that they can set themselves free.

They are breaking their silence, standing their ground and breaking through generational conditioning by putting their “jobs” on hold and by putting their own self-love at the forefront. They know that this is the only way they can truly be happy. This is, for some, the only way they can really love their role as a mother and a wife—and really love their own womanhood.

This isn’t about breaking free from men; it’s about breaking free from ancestral patterns and beliefs of who a woman is.

With this freedom comes freedom for their fathers, grandfathers and husbands too, because the modern-day witch loves herself enough to fully accept the love of another. Thus she can love the people around her unconditionally.

The first time my husband referred to me as a witch doctor as I mixed my oils to soothe our children, I probably told him to f*ck off.

But now, it makes me stand tall.  I see the rise of these modern-day women returning to their natural healing abilities, and I’m proud to be one of them. We have answered a call to do the work on ourselves so that we can begin to heal those who long to walk the awakening journey with us. As we return to our feminine, our natural instinct is to nurture and protect those around us.

With open arms, we lovingly invite others to awaken to their own authenticity in their own right time.

We have worked to open back up to our intuitive nature—to live from our hearts rather than our heads, from love rather than fear. We have smashed through blocks that were keeping us small and reprogrammed our beliefs so we no longer walk the line like soldiers of society.

The modern-day witch has replaced her broomstick with a yoga mat, on which she travels to the present moment; her cauldron with a thermomix, in which she prepares nutrient dense foods for her family. She has reconnected with a force greater than herself, which allows her the ability to heal ailments naturally; people come to her with their problems and see the miraculous healing that comes about after she has cast her spells.

There are no scary midnight rituals around the fire, but there are women and mothers holding daytime classes as their children play barefoot in the grass around them. They share stories about essential oils, plant-based foods, alternative medicine and the phenomenal natural healing ability of the human body. Women’s circles are reappearing in this different light, and you can find them everywhere. Women are supporting other women to rise and make the world better for their children—and their children’s children.

The modern-day witch is not to be feared. Her intentions are pure, and her love knows no boundaries. She is a seeker and a truth teller; her intuition is so finely tuned that she knows things others don’t, sees things others can’t, and can heal just with her presence and words.

She meditates so that she can access the source of all wisdom that allows her to create and navigate her way back to wholeness.

She will hold your hand, catch your tears, protect your heart and love you unconditionally as she unites with you in consciousness and helps you to move closer and closer to remembering who you really are.

Becoming a modern-day witch is about blending the different parts of ourselves, loving who we find and then speaking up for her. We must stop hiding her and let her come out and play. If she likes to dance, we must let her dance; if she likes to run, we let her run; if she likes to lie by the water doing absolutely nothing, then we let her go do that.

“Her heart was wild, but I didn’t want to catch it, I wanted to run with it, to set mine free.”
~ Atticus


Author: Danni Kelly

Images: Courtesy of Author

Editor: Toby Israel


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