December 2, 2016

Trevor Noah just won my Respect.

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Trevor Noah has settled into Jon Stewart’s show and made it his own!

Just as good, and new: Trevor Noah finally figures out how to defeat Trump’s endless Lies.

Trevor Noah has had some good moments. Funny moments, wise moments, meaningful moments. But he hasn’t been Jon Stewart. No one can be, except Jon Stewart (and, sometimes, John Oliver).

Trevor: you dont see a colour?
Lahren : yes
Trevor : then what do u do at traffic light

But here, Trevor is unscripted, without the help of the writers. And he’s as good as Jon Stewart ever was, as present, as strong, as respectful, as good at listening as he is as asking and explaining and rebutting. And he just gets more comfortable, with more eye contact, as the debate goes on.

I used to blog up Stewart a lot, hopefully Noah can begin to represent that kind of fun, dignified presence for America–we need it.

The Daily Show – Tomi Lahren – Giving a Voice to Conservative America on “Tomi”

A few choice youtube comments (quite eloquent, for once):
“I love debates like this one, they both listened and waited for the other to finish before speaking and as much as I disagree with Tomi, I appreciate that.”

“What Tomi didn’t – and doesn’t – understand, is that she is self-righteous. She isn’t respecting anyone else’s views on how to protest or express themselves. She places an inanimate object (flag) and national anthem ABOVE someone else’s right to express themselves. That’s fine and dandy for herself. But, to impose that belief on anyone else is pure self-righteousness, and not a commendable trait on any level. She is blind to her own arrogance and hypocrisy. And what’s this about 18% of black men are more likely to attack a cop than visa versa? She had to pull that one out of her ass. What study could possible validate such a belief?”

“As if no one ever protested for the rights she enjoys.”

“The truth: “I don’t protest because the country is working for me and people who look like me.”

“”Should I shut up and be sorry because I’m white?” “I don’t let myself be the victim.” So ignorant. I hate when people are like “welp sorry I’m white do you want me to feel bad?” It’s not about feeling bad or shutting up it’s about NOTICING your privileged and being able to realize that not everyone else is so you can be more understanding and respect people.”

And the kicker:

Wyn Williams47 minutes ago
DId she actualy say at the end Hillary Clinton could use being sexuallly assulted because bills a little busy??? FFS
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yellowhair0358 minutes ago
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Wyn Williams
Wyn Williams57 minutes ago
+yellowhair03 lucky for her she slipped that into the end as he would of ripped her apart for it but it shows what a truly disgusting person she really is inside
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yellowhair0351 minutes ago
it’s sad. how the fuck did we get here? women wearing their acceptance of sexual assault like a badge of honor….it’s all backwards.

Vaguely Relephant bonus, from the yoga tradition:

On Trump’s victory:

The morning after the election:

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