December 17, 2016

Upon learning Donald Trump has been Elected, I cleaned the House. {Poem}


Mold in the toilets must be scrubbed,
and my toddler’s spills demand my supplication.

I always hate the beginning of cleaning,
and the mess gets bigger
before what’s under begins to shine.
Some things must be discarded
but the little gifted sailboat mug
will be glued back together for my boy.
Now, head bowed
and crowned with earned beads of sweat,
I’m humming along and my husband
joins my effort. The bad news is:
unearthing, we don’t know what we’ll find.
The good news is: we don’t know what we’ll find.
My love, help me lift the weight
of the bed we’ve been sleeping in
so we can face what’s been collecting
under it in the dark. In the corner back there,
I see my lost heirloom ring—ring of my lineage—
has been resting against a dead fly
for who knows how long.


Author: Brooke McNamara

Image: Unsplash/Anne Edgar

Editor: Callie Rushton

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