December 23, 2016

We are Not Wrong: A Poem for the Spirit Lovers.

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In love, people often seem to lament how and why things don’t or won’t work out.

I have great empathy, here. Sometimes they’re right; sometimes they’re wrong.

And then there is that otherworldly sort of love, which often makes no sense to “rational people.”

I mean the kind of love that wrenches us up from our roots and refuses to fit the boxes. It buds and flourishes from within the fifth dimension, mish-mashing our linear ideas and upsetting our basal constructs of life.

It breaks us open, once again, to a world of energy, magic, mystery and growth. A world that doesn’t fit into widely accepted paradigms. A world in which spirit and energy pack more punch than flesh or philosophy.

If you’ve been here, you will know what I mean. If not, I could rattle away for a year and a day, but I might as well be speaking gibberish.

So this is for the ones who have danced with the push and pull, the resonance and friction that comes with spirit relationships of any kind, be they be karmic, soul or twin flame.

This is especially for those who cannot be put into boxes. (Those are my favorite. The ones who seem to mingle, quite viscerally, in the particles of air that we breathe. Who seem to blur the lines between people—even writing about it makes me nervous.)

Onward, intrepid explorers!

Perhaps these relationships make us feel—despite their otherworldly allure and on-the-ground confusion—either that we’ve gone insane, or that nothing else was ever really sane before. They might make us feel that we’re growing and shifting in a thousand different directions at once, yet have no idea what on earth is going on.

This is for the lovers, the soulmates, the twin flames, the un-boxable ones.

This is for the runners and the chasers. The seekers, the finders.

This is for the ones who believe and the ones who pretend they cannot see.

This is for the ready and the unready. The lovers and the loved.

This is for you, with love. It goes a little something like this:

We are not wrong.

Our timing was not wrong.

Being unready was not wrong.

Being separated in time and space was not wrong.

Pushing away was not wrong.

Chasing was not wrong.

Creating space was not wrong.

Leaving was not wrong.

Standing in defiance was not wrong.

It was,

and is,

exactly as it should be.

For our growth.

For yours and mine.

I know that.

I’ve always known that.

And that’s just the way it is.

The way it’s meant to be.

I am learning to dance gracefully with love.

To dance fiercely.

To face myself

and uphold my passions and self-esteem—

both inwardly and in the world


I have learnt to recognize

the things in you

that I want.

The things that resonate

with my deepest desire for my soul,

my Earth,

my life.

And closer…

Closer we come

to our own most honest expression and self-realization.

Closer we come

to our own vision.

Closer we breathe,

into and out of spirit.

Closer we sing,

like tuning forks,


with the Earth,


wind and sky.

And, if you are right…

You will choose me.

And you will just know.

As I do.


Author: Catherine Simmons

Image: William Stitt/Unsplash; Pexels

Editor: Toby Israel


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Read 8 comments and reply

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