January 12, 2017

A Message from the Divine Feminine for those who have Forgotten Themselves.

This is for all who have forgotten themselves—and all who are remembering to remember.

When we look within, we find an intimate personal power, both gentle and fierce. It is wholesome and good. It aims to do no harm and take no sh*t.

As life gets busy and we face various demands, we sometimes forget or lose touch with this power.

I hope these words can serve as a reminder of what lies inside us.


I am a vast, unending shoreline.

Both ocean and sand.

I am a calm and peaceful haven.
A dock at which to land.

I can be wild and cantankerous
But never for a petty reason. 

I am a strong, insightful woman
Wise and simple, to each season.

I am a spot of heaven
in an endless hour.

A lover
welcoming surrender at death’s door.
Bringing up new life from the fallen trees on the forest floor.

I am the wild winds and stormy seas.
The gentleness of skin kissed by breeze.

I am the confines of infinity.
The patience in calamity.

I am maiden, mother and crone.
Always together, always alone.

The vast pillars of the night hold up my very soul
with an openness that embraces the dawn.

For I am old as the ages.
Through you, I have swum through shadow
and been drenched in each courageous sunrise.

I am calling you
to a life that is truly alive on the inside.

Sincere and silent.

Longing for everything.

That your life may be filled
with prosperity, wisdom,
adventure and grace.

Facing death
and emptiness.
With a fullness
that bubbles warmth into your breast.

I am warm from your glow.
Silent in your ebb and flow.
Ever present and observant.

Everything that ever was
and will be.

Caressing your cheeks through eternity.

When you look in the mirror, remember me.

Author: Catherine Simmons

Image: Emilio Garcia/Flickr

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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