January 31, 2017

All that we Share: a Beautiful Antidote to the “Us versus Them” Mentality. {Powerful Video}

The concept is so simple. The effect is so powerful.

This three-minute video was made by a Danish TV station. And in a simple manner, it helps to dissolve walls of fear and misunderstanding, and creates a sense of commonality and connection between strangers who come from different walks of life.

It is a beautiful antidote to the “Us versus Them” mentality that is growing legs across the globe. And it is particularly poignant during this time, given the divisive policies that have been carried out by the Trump administration over the past 10 days.

If all that news has been wearing you down, then these three minutes will do your heart good.


Author: Hilda Carroll

Image: screenshot

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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