January 8, 2017

“Daughter records her dad singing ‘Tennessee Whiskey.’ Amazing.”

Just watch it without reading anything first:

I challenge you to listen and watch to the whole thing without trying to sing along, such is the power of the fun and romance of this voice and this song.

A few favorite youtube comments:
dude no homo but I want to lay on a mattress made of your voice
don’t know if I love his voice more or the look on his daughters face when she is watching her dad in the camera. Beautiful
I love how proud she is of her Dad.
Give that man a record deal!
inb4 he’s on ellen [and it happened! See below]

Two reddit comments:
The pride that this girl has filming her dads talent is so pure. Like she has been bugging him forever to do it and he finally caved.

This is what choked me up.
The singing was top notch, but the obvious love for her dad made the video so much more beautiful.


And it happened!

I don’t quite know why—something about pursuing, and sacrificing one’s dream…but I found this really raw, beautiful, emotional. I teared up.

An original version:

And if you’ve never seen this, this is delightful, surprising, and somehow relephant:


Listen: Elephant Journal: The Mindful Life Podcast.

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Read 27 comments and reply

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